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October 23, 2011

Walking Dead started last week & I missed it. Gotta get, get it. I'm so happy with all the new shows that I forget about returning ones. Good thing they can be found pretty easily online.
I've also really gotten into older shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's great TV, that Larry David is a hoot, he's Jerry & George rolled into 1. It being on HBO also makes it startling when they come out with the F-bomb. Love it.
Next up when I've gone through the 8 seasons of Curb is Arrested Development followed by the Larry Sanders Show. They all look like classics and many people feel the same way.
Have fallen behind on Boardwalk Empire but I've got to catch up.
Looking forward to the last season of Chuck, a cute little show and has a lot of fun inside jokes for geeks. It's like a rom-com update of the 1960s Get Smart.
Sons of Anarchy is still amazing. I was saddened to see that one of the main secondary characters committed suicide, I saw that coming but my god it was still shocking that they went through with it. It will also create a lot of drama for SAMCRO, the new sherif of Charming and paints the DEA task force head in a really scummy light.
Breaking Bad ended with a great big bang, wow, I love this show, such smart & focused writing. It serves the main character so well, because that's exactly what he is, smart & focused.
Big Bang Theory continues not to disappoint. I hope Sheldon does the horizontal hokie-pokie with his female counterpart. I don't think it would be sex per-se because she's basically a girl version of him, so it would be more like one step further than masturbation. The question, however, is has Sheldon even masturbated yet? Big Bang Theory concentrates on the lives of geeks so much that it would be remiss of them to not explore that subject with Sheldon. The libido of the group is certainly explored thoroughly with Raj, Wallowicz (my favorite character on the show), and Leonard. It would be hilarious if he does that to himself much like a Vulcan.

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October 19, 2011

   Birthright on Amazon      - Birthright on Smashwords                                                  - Free Book Reviews            - The Nation's Newsletter

Albert came to my attention about a month ago when I noticed he was part of Indie Writer's Unite. Now that's not to say he wasn't already a member of this group, just that I hadn't noticed.  That's not so much a knock on Albert but a glaring example of my own self absorption.  That said the first thing I did notice about him was the enthusiasm for indie writing. When did that begin? Why? How?

As I have stated on my blog in the about me page I was trying to find places for my wife to promote her book and found it to be hard at best to get people to allow promotion with out a hitch.  Therefore I started my blog and the rest has been history.  I figure since Indie authors work hard to write their book and then actually publish it. I can do my part and raise awareness.  So far I think I have done a pretty good job.

Being the proponent of indie writing you are what other geek-centric things occupy your attention? Movies? Comics? Scifi movies, comics or books? Fantasy comics, movies or books? Horror books, comics or movies?

I am first and foremost a tech geek.  I work in the IT field as a Technical Support Analyst and I love what I do.  I just get computers and tech more than I do people.  I would say that as for Scifi my favorite thing at the moment is Eureka and Alphas.  Horror novels and movies would be a close second to my love for Computers as I have been watching horror movies since before I could hold my head. (My mom is a horror movie buff and passed on the gene to me.)

On your facebook page you list a few cousins with the last name of Canada? I've never seen that.  Do you have uncles named Russia?  Stepbrothers named Mozambique? Just kidding don't take offense. I keeeed, I keeeed!

I know how yu feel and I field this question a lot.  My moms family is Blackfoot and from Canada.  In order for naturalization to occur they had to pick a last name and Canada was it.

What guilty reading pleasures can you cop to here? Twilight? Sookie Stackhouse? Harry Potter? Harlequin Romances? Come on, confess which one and why?

Harry Potter and Twilight.  For Harry Potter I loved the storyline and the internal conflict of Harry.  For Twilight it was the conflcit of Edward and his decision to make his love a monster like him.

Do you see a day when the competent of us indie writers will be able to sit at home and write books that our readers will read directly and keep us financially solvent? 

I see a day when readers will stop with the constant back and for and enjoy a good book no matter who is backing it.  Just like in the Indie Film realm we saw films go from nothing to a huge audience because the stigma was removed.  As more and more Indie authors make it big the stigma will slowly be erased.

What do you know about the way things are going with indie publishing that would give some of us hope for the future? Buoy our spirits Albert. Keep hope alive. 

In the future I see a time when Traditional publishing will embrace the Indie Author and relize that the efforts of Indie Authors will only increase their revenue.  Most Indie Authors have favorite traditional authors and readers will fervently try and find out what makes their favorite Indie tick and reading their favorite author is one way to do that.  Indie Publishing is at the doorway to full on success and only needs that one last push to help it accross the line and into mainstream.  With that said people who think that nothing but rubbish is produced nedd to make sure they are reviewing those bad seeds but they also need to leave reviews for those that hit the right spot.  That way the cream rises to the top.

Do you have two review sites? What's the difference between and

Free Book Reviews is my review and interview blog along with other pieces of my mind.  Great Indie Reads is just a spot to shout out to books without any other involvement or distractions.

Do you see yourself becoming the indie publishing Roger Ebert,  Richard Roeper, Jay Sherman or Gene Siskel? Hopefully you'd chose Richard Roeper or Jay Sherman 'cause the other two haven't had any luck with their health.

I would choose non of the above.  All of these are professionals in their field and I choose to consider myself an "Indie" Reviewer.

What story would be your most fervent wish to write.

I am working on something that I call For Your Eyes Only but I am not a writer so this may take a lot of time to put together.  I can tell you that it will be about a man that kills bad parents (in his mind) and takes their eyes leaving only a note that says For Your Eyes Only.  More to come.

Say hi to Rachel, ooops sorry ehm, RJ. 

Rachel (RJ) says hi right back. :)

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October 17, 2011

There's something to be said about creator driven and single vision fuelled projects in any creative field, and I'm gonna say it.  I believe the most successful and transcendent works of that nature have always been and will always be due to a single person making the final decision as to content and final version of a product. The Beatles had John or Paul, George and Ringo we're talented technicians but not the driving forces behind the moptops. Rolling Stones, where would they be without Mick & Keith?
I say this because I look at much of today's creative output in movies and television and see that they're mediocre at best because they're run by committee. Picasso never asked anybody if he should put the brush here or there he did it. Pollack never spattered paint on a canvas and bring in a focus group to see what worked or not.
Recently there was a misguided attempt to bring back Charlie's Angels.  Just looking at their promos showed that there wasn't a driving force behind the show. They chose three women who had the personalities of turnips without screen presence and absolutely no charisma what so ever. They even tried to butch it up by having a younger more masculine John Bosley. Terrible it died an ignominious death and good riddance.
There's also the remake of Footloose.  Who's looking for that? Somebody's been listening to focus groups who tell them that remakes have a built in audience. Rubbish.
Sam Peckinpah was arguably the single most misogynist and violent filmmaker of the 1970s but he was also brilliant.  The Wild Bunch, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia and Billy the Kid & Pat Garrett were masterpieces of manly, crotch grabbing, bourbon swilling testosterone action. Argue whatever you want but old Sammy's Straw Dogs was one hard movie to watch. It wrenched your guts but you couldn't look away. All his work was as visceral and immediate as a kick in the balls or jab in the throat.
I saw recently that they're remaking Straw Dogs and it looks like a cookie cutter pseudo, emo, watered down version of the original.
Many times I lament the pussification of our lives.  Where men stand around and apologize for being hairy or thinking like a caveman sometimes. Let me go on record here. I won't mansclupt the hair my chest, back or arms.  I won't apologize for laughing at farts or loud belches and I'm not going to go gently into the pussy night.

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October 12, 2011

When I first saw who I was going to be interviewing this week I had forgotten who RJ Palmer was.  Once I went into her KDP Author page I was intrigued by her stream of consciousness bio. It sparked my questions and the rest, here follows.
Clue for Sins of the Father
Birthright the Book
Birthright the Author

Birthright on Amazon      - Birthright on Smashwords        - RJ Palmer's Blog

Did you write your Amazon bio in one sitting or did you edit?  If there were edits how many?

I wrote that in one sitting which surprised me because I was sure I was going to agonize over how to start it and then slave over the finer details.  Truth be told, I was not looking forward to it at all but Albert was insisting that people wanted to know about me which was a completely foreign concept.  I don't know why it never occurred to me that people would want to get to know the author as much as the character and you can laugh at that all you want (Lord knows I have) but the truth is what it is.  I was short sighted and more than a little naïve.  It still strikes me as slightly odd that I've written more answers to questions about myself than I have about the characters to whom I gave creative birth.  That part makes me laugh, too.

Did you hold your breath before you wrote it, and if so have you let it out yet?

Good God yes.  The only thing I've ever held my breath about and agonized over that completely is my writing and when I no longer got to step outside of myself and hide behind a computer screen, it was doubly difficult.  It's easy to expose a piece of one's soul when one only has to expose it in a limited capacity and never has to open their self to greater censure.  I sat on Birthright for about seven or eight years before I finally insisted that if Albert was going to support me in my quest to become a writer, then he had to first sample my work.  He tried to tell me he didn't need to read my writing in order to support me as a writer but that kind of thinking simply didn't compute.  I think he was a little reticent at first though he was less so when he found out that I didn't and refused to write Romance.  I think he just didn't want to be disappointed so when he finished Birthright in three hours and walked up to me with a Cheshire cat grin and told me he liked it, I was astounded and elated.  And yes, I made myself concentrate on breathing again when I started to get dizzy and my lungs started to hurt.

What prompted you to write about a male perspective instead of a story through your own gender?

At the time, I was coming to terms with the idea that I was raised largely by a male with two brothers and so I identified more strongly with the male persona.  It didn't even occur to me in my youth and arrogance to write anything but.  In retrospect, I can look at Birthright and see where Raine is a flamboyant character created by a young writer spreading her wings and learning to fly but Sierra is the strong one.  She's the one who had to face everything and pick up the pieces of her shattered life and move on in the aftermath of "losing" her husband.  She's the one who had to raise two girls and work to pay the bills and put food on the table, to make something of herself and gather her determination.  That takes courage and poise and Sierra has both in spades.  Lucky woman.  Raine is the wave on the ocean, Sierra is the immovable rock.

 I can say, through my own writing that there isn't anything other than Mad Gods, or rather the wider story line of Predatory Ethics that I would write.  You seem to be of the same mind with Birthright. Is there anything else you would like to tackle or is Birthright the only story you wanted to tell till now? (With the following answer it's obvious I was totally WRONG)

I'm currently working on a novel called Sins of the Father in which the main characters are a disillusioned minister struggling with his faith and a severely autistic child.  I'd tell you more, but I'd have to kill you.  :)

(Again with the threats.  It's almost every week somebody is threatening Athanasios' life)

I honestly think that I'm driven by nothing less than the challenge, hence the tendency now to write from the perspective of a male and a child who is locked inside his own mind and I hope with all my heart that, while I'm proud of Birthright, that I can look back on it just like anyone else and recognize that by comparison to Sins of the Father it's absolute drivel.  Birthright was more about self-discovery, Sins of the Father is about growth.  When I was just beginning to write, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life but I knew that I was meant for something more than what I was doing.  I couldn't accept that kind of mediocrity out of myself and it may sound kind of melodramatic or silly but when I discovered how wonderful the creative outlet was in the course of writing Birthright, I prayed.  I prayed hard.  I'm a woman of deep and abiding faith who was discovering something about me that I had previously never realized and I was thinking about pursuit of the kind of pie in the sky career that makes most people snort rather indelicately and say, "Get a real job."  I had to overcome myself and most everyone else in that.

Why did you want to share that story?

While Birthright was all about self-discovery and youthful inhibition, Sins of the Father has a deeper message that I'm really hoping to communicate eloquently without saying it outright because that would just upend the whole idea of the moral of a story.  They're not purely for entertainment, you know.  Some of us authors have things we want to say that are impossible to express in blunt language.  Sure, I rant and rave from time to time, just check out my blog to see what I mean.  There are those times that I want to get out an idea that has to be described in detail and simply can't be done in the short and sweet manner.  Those are the times when the story evolves and becomes more intricate and takes on a life of its own.  I love it when that happens!

From your writer's bio, you were cautious about publishing Birhtright. Did you think people wouldn't be interested?

I absolutely was cautious.  I'd gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of forty rejection emails from agents and though most of them were form emails that roughly stated, "I'm going to decline though it's not you, it's me."  There was one that was incredibly scathing and the lady had the nerve to try to get me to take an example from books that she was agenting at the time which I thought was incredibly poor form and bad manners.  I didn't tell her that though.  When I decided to go Indie Author I knew I would have to grow a thick skin but I had no idea that I would have to become completely inured to negativity.  Has anyone noticed some of the horrid reviews that some people give?  Some of that stuff is just plain mean and I was raised that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  Sometimes, I want to track down the people who have said such hateful things about my work, gently encourage them to expose a piece of their secret soul to me and give them the kind of crushing set down that they so thoughtlessly and ruthlessly gave me.  It might make them look at me like a wounded puppy but it might also make them think twice before so publicly and mercilessly disrespecting another persons' work.  That may sound a little twisted or mean but hey, sometimes one's own medicine has a bitter taste and it's a very valid point.

In my own experience I looked around at similar story lines and thought if that sorry, crap was on the printed page I know mine would be too.  It seems I was wrong until Amazon, nobody else wanted to publish. Did you happen to go through the same hurdles without success either?

Yes, and I just about curled up into a hole and gave up for it, probably because I'm a coward in the worst way.  I wasn't kidding when I said that I got about forty rejection letters just from Birthright and I've seen some stuff out there that makes me feel sorry for the tree that had to die so it could be printed.  It was such a waste of paper.  Some of that stuff got rave reviews, too!  It's left me kind of scratching my head and wondering what the hell the readers and critics were thinking to actually believe that there was a plot or storyline somewhere in there.  I mean realistically, it was fluff and fodder and I felt like less a person just for having read it, like my IQ dropped by about twenty points just because I opened the book.

You've given Albert some credit in giving you the support you needed to share Birthright. Support is important but you've got to believe in yourself.   I look at everybody who's on IWU and am glad to be in their company because we all, whether conscious of it or not, come to this realization.  This isn't a question at all, just an affirmation that we've all had to click that publish button and held our breath until we saw our work finally available to the rest of the world.

That may have been affirmation but in all honesty, Albert clicked the publish button because I was so nervous and shaking like a leaf that I'd have published Birthright about three times when I would've only meant to hit the button once.  Granted, he had my permission every step of the way and I had to throw caution to the wind and say, "Okay, do it." But he's the one that pushed me to open myself up and do what I love and he's the one that introduced me to Amazon's self-publishing.  All of the support I've gotten in my career choice has been him or directly because of him and I for one refuse to ignore that.  Thanks for the validation though, everyone needs it at one point or another.  Don't get me wrong, I know I can write but knowing someone else knows is too is wonderful.

Do you sometimes look at the creative process, not just in yourself but in others and wonder that until we put it to paper or music or whatever other creative endeavor it's just our thoughts? No I'm not drunk or high right now, I'm quite lucid. This thought hits me many times during the week and I'm still in wonder of the creative process. Are you?

It never fails to astound me that it's my innermost thoughts coming to the fore when I'm writing and it makes me wonder from time to time just what is going through the mind of another person when they're being their creative best.  I'm trying to put what's going on in my head onto the paper; the story is unfolding and I'm getting to know the characters while I'm writing and that's just plain cool.  I'm always taking a look back at what I've written and saying to myself, "Where the hell did I come up with that and can I do that again?  That was awesome!"  Then the aches and pains hit me that completely slipped my mind when I was writing because during the creative process I'm off in my own little world.  The rest of the planet could disappear from under me and I wouldn't be any the wiser until I managed to finish writing about what's going on in my head.  It just hit me that I've described something distinctly savant like.  It also leaves me given to admiration for Beethoven because the man was deaf as a post and came up with musical works like "The Tempest" and "Midnight Sonata" which are some of the most melancholy and haunting works I've ever heard.  Granted Mozart was so very talented, but he was also an alcoholic with a distinctly mocking quality to his work.  Every one of Beethoven's works was a keening lament and so beautiful.  Did I just go off on a tangent? :)

Sorry to wax weird on you I've been doing this blog tour for a few months now and I've taken to letting my questions come out in stream of consciousness.  So that's it thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.   Say Hi to Albert

You didn't wax strange on me and I actually replied to some of the stuff that you weren't asking.  Take a look and no, I'm not high or drunk either.  I'm lucid too and Albert says, "Hi."

Thank you so much for the refreshing change.  I had fun with this interview and it challenged me.  :)

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October 5, 2011

I'm letting my mind wander once again. It likes to go meandering where it will because I like to keep it unfettered to preconceived notions.
Halle Berry broke her foot recently while avoiding a goat? Heh, I like that cosmic joke.  Didn't she, allegedly, run away from a hit & run and say she didn't remember it happening? Heh, karma.
this is my favorite time of the year. Not only is it no longer summer with all its overly warm days and overly cheery people and no  new television programing but it's the fall and nothing but NEW TV!  Here's what's awesome.
Breaking Bad. One of the few bright spots in the summer, viewing speaking.  I'm not so much rooting for Hank anymore as I'm rooting for Hector and Jesse. Yeah they're drug dealing scumbags but they're complex and I feel a lot of empathy for their lives.
True Blood. Disapointing. I don't care about the werewolves, shapeshifters or Sookie's brother, or the V addicted sheriff, gimme vampires and their struggle for power amongst themselves. I'm so glad Lafayette's cousin is gone, oh yeah, what a way to end the season.
Entourage.  I didn't care.
SAMCRO, Sons of Anarchy. Awesome way to start the season. I had forgotten that the boys were in jail serving sentences when we last saw them. They're out and their town's been taken over so they're gonna want it back from the shifty real estate developer, are avoiding the DEA investigation, are now running drugs and supplying guns to the Mexican Cartel. All that and club politics, club history with Jax's dad, HAwG soap opera.
Supernatural. Ooooo, Castiel was a god for a short time there and it was great. The leviathans are not too scary to me. Sam & Dean are dealing with Sam's fractured reality where Lucifer keeps seeping in.
Luther. It's a procedural cop show out of the UK with Idris Elba. He's a broken & brilliant investigating detective who has a psychopathic yet endearing lady stalker who was an unrepentant murderer of her parents and her dog. I didn't so much mind the parents but the dog was uncalled for. I hate her for killing the dog who must've just plain loved her like every other dog loves their owners.
Torchwood: Miracle Day. Great idea for a show that didn't go as far as I would've liked. Look I like Jack Harkness, but he's just too smug and too in your face with his love for the cock. Great you're gay, super, I don't care. It would be the same if he kept going on about his hair or his penchant for that dumb coat. I don't care. Season was good though despite Captain Jack.

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September 28, 2011

This week Adam has given up his blog spot yet again, I think he just doesn't care anymore.  Rather cares more about the new shows that are out this season than blogging. Sons of Anarchy has started, X-Factor, Dexter, Sanctuary & Supernatural are starting soon, Modern Family, Breaking Bad is awesome so far & True Blood, Entourage and Torchwood Miracle Day ended with incredible episodes. He's so happy he could bust. So getting back on track we've got Susan Ricci on board talking about her Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems.

Susan Ricci the Author

Susan Ricci's Blog
What's with all the muppets? Explain the attachment and what those fuzzy creatures mean to you.

Ah, yes, the Muppets!  Let me explain it this way:  We all have serious stuff going on in our lives.  For me, it's being the legal guardian of a handicapped man, who is also my brother.  Seems there's not a day posing an issue I'm required to help solve, with the benefit of the group home management where he lives, a physician related phone conversation, or a behavioral problem at his day care program.  I relate to the Muppets because they always offer a joyful paradox with things that actually pertain to any daily lifestyle situation or snafu.  Plus, I'm a Pisces:  Dual Personality Plus, times two then equals four personalities, not to mention my alter egos…So, I'm very blessed.

From your website you've been through an emotionally tumultuous past few decades. It seems to have fueled your book Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems. Explain how your own experiences differed from your book.

My personal life the past several decades hasn't been a walk through the posies, but the bright side of it is how I've learned to find the laughter in real life's situations, and be grateful my problems are no worse than they are.  I haven't posted any chapters on my blog pertaining to the humorous side of Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, but the book is meant to be funny and light, a veritable self-help-'don't -let-this-happen-to you' narrative.  The only excerpt on the site is a bit heavy, I guess, and I will correct it soon.  Being a fledgling at blogs, the research via my Indie buds and other writers I'm acquainted with has been invaluable, so I'm getting there.  Above all, levity is key to emotional survival, and I'm just learning to share this aspect in spite of the serious Pisces Person I used to be.  (Does this make sense?)

How were they similar to Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems.  In my own writing all the people in the story are based on real people. I can't just make up mannerisms or sayings to breathe life into them, I use memory of my observances of them. I sometimes change their names but I'm not telling who.  What two specific people or parts were exactly like your own experiences.

I've read your excerpts and a few of your interviews. Athanasios, and I agree.  It comes easier, composing what I know from past experience in the nonfiction world, and being able to breathe life into what I write, which is why I'm focusing on Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, instead of my novel which is simmering away in PC land, called Slick Trespass.  Just like everyone else, I do make a good liar's club candidate, although my characters in Slick are somewhat based on true events and/or people I've known, and the story just takes me where it wants to go.

Has Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems been released? I tried to find it on KDP and Smashwords but couldn't.

I'm currently revising Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems so, nada, it's not in print yet.  I will soon be seeking a good editor, hopefully after the winter holidays.  But, just when I think I have everything in place with the revisions, another thought attacks me and begs to be logged into the story.  Heard this happens a lot, from other authors.

 If it has, then please tell everyone where it can be found. If it hasn't when is it due, & do you have a cover artist yet?  My rates are between 50-200 depending on the complexity of what you're looking for.

He-he, I will certainly consult with you regarding covers, fees, and such, when the time is appropriate, sly devil…I have a few ideas of my own I'd be interested in sharing.

Explain Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems as a title. What does it mean?

The title of my book pertains to the theme and the way the story pans.  Dinosaurs I chose, because my kids think I AM one, and cherry stems because…well, folks will have to read the book to find out.  ;-)

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September 23, 2011

Now that I've got my blog back I'm handing it over again. This time Tom's interviewing Todd Russell an author of the upcoming Fresh Flesh a full length novel followup to his earlier effort of Mental Shrillness.
Fresh Flesh the Author
Mental Shrillnes
Fresh Flesh


-Todd Russell WEB                           -Todd Russell twitter                                                  -Todd Russell facebook                   -Todd Russell SMASHWORDS                              -Mental Shrillness Amazon Paperback            -Mental Shrillness Amazon KDP   -Mental Shrillness B&N Nook                               -Mental Shrillness iTunes               -Fresh Flesh WEB

Going on your blog the first question that comes to mind, when you were growing up were you a Fangoria fan?

Actually my favorite magazines were The Twilight Zone and Night Cry in the 80s. When I was younger, I read a lot of Marvel comics like Iron Man (!), The Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four oh, and Tales from the Crypt–oh yeah!

Was [Fangoria's] unabashed zeal for all things bloody & gory in cinema something you shared or still share?

I like blood and gore when it's a natural part of the story. A measured amount provokes that reflexive "eww" for viewer discomfort but too much and the horror turns into humor. The Human Centipede nails The Eww Factor but I'm worried they might go too far in the sequel.

Color films lend themselves to using blood and gore in unique ways that black and white had to do with sound, shadows and lighting.

Some black and white films have really terrified me. The Mummy? Holy wrappings, Batman! The way he lumbered around freaked me out. Boris Karloff as Frankenstein, Lon Chaney as The Wolf Man, Bela Lugosi as Dracula–all creepy to the core. Those movies contained a different kind of scary that I miss in many horror movies these days.

Movies like Psycho, The Amityville Horror, The Shining, the first two Halloween movies and The Thing. There might not be any scarier music than Carpenter's Halloween riff. The Jason Vorhees "cheee-chee-hahh-hahhh" is another spooky sound. But then there's the horrifically non-scary Alice Cooper's He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask). I think Cooper's I Love The Dead is much scarier.

Mental Shrillness is a collection of short horror stories, were you cognizant of H P Lovecraft being known for his shorts and did you have any misgivings about comparisons?

I'm a fan of Poe and Lovecraft and have read some of their works many, many times. Poe's Tell-Tale Heart is one of my most favorite short stories. Some of my favorite Lovecraft stories are among his first works when he seemed more Poe-influenced. I enjoyed what Lovecraft did with strange and fascinating monsters, particularly how he dealt with human horrors. Sometimes the scariest thing is staring at us in the mirror.

I believe in Lovecraft's era horror short stories and novellas were more common than horror novels. Magazines and web publications aside, it's the opposite today. Even novels back then weren't the length in word count of novels today. Writers like Lovecraft did a lot more back then with an economy of words and unique style that seem like purple prose if used my most writers today.

It would be a huge honor and very humbling having anything I've ever written–or will write in the future–compared to classic horror masters like Poe and Lovecraft. Heck, I was astounded in 1989 when an editor at Dell compared some of the writing in one of my novels to Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman.

I loved the Bachman books!

Why did you start with shorts?  Was it an easier way of testing the indie publishing waters or did you think they all fit well as an anthology.

I wanted to start with work that has already been internet reader tested, if you will. I originally posted them at a writing area in AOL called the Amazing Instant Novelist from 1996-1998.

With the exception of "The Illusion" which is around 7,300 words the other five stories in the collection are less than 700 words each. That's too short I think to sell individually, so I combined in a collection. I had dozens and dozens of these stories to choose from and picked these six as what I thought would be a nice overall introduction to my short story work. There is even a controversial story in there that AOL ripped down after being up less than an hour.

Oh, and "The Illusion" (the inspiration behind the current cover art) is the way I wanted it formatted for the first time. Because of AOL individual post size restrictions the story had to be posted in serial format which I never liked (because it was never intended to be a serial, not because I dislike serials). I explain in the author's notes at the end of Mental Shrillness more about the history of this story and others for those who dig the stories behind the stories.

I also added four bonus stories to the original Mental Shrillness collection bringing the total to 10 short stories. The paperback and ebook versions both have one exclusive story that is not in the other. I did this so that readers who buy the paperback will have a story that can't be found anywhere else.

Did you write the six stories in the same time period like a machine one after the other or did some sit lurking on a hard drive, floppy or in a dark stygian drawer?

Yes, all of them were written during the same time period. All six original stories plus the four bonus stories in Mental Shrillness were written from late 1996-1998 and posted in online writing contests at AOL.

List the stories in chronologicaly writen sequence and a short description of what prompted each. Please.

Sure. Each contest at AOL had a writing prompt. I'll cover the six stories with the original writing prompt in parenthesis. There's more details on each story in the author's note section of the book:

Memorial Day Descent (Falling)
Falling The Bobbitt Way (Falling)
Dead Warmed Over (Body Heat)
Pains In The Glass (Betrayal)
Dueling Eyes (Eyes)
The Illusion (Anything Goes)

Does living in Washington state lend to dark and gloomy thoughts and horror fiction? I know living in Montreal area with our winters helps me. Also being a dark, morose, gloomy sour puss does too, but that's what my wife tells me.

There is something about this area, sure. Aren't most writers influenced at least somewhat by their surroundings? I can't think of Maine without thinking of Stephen King.

This is one of the few places where the ocean and mountains are fairly close. I'm 30 minutes from the mountains and two hours from the ocean.  I love the ocean's mystery and size and it has served as a wellspring of story ideas both past, present and future.

There is also a someday threat of volcanic activity here. Mount St. Helens blew in May 1980 when I was living in Vancouver, Washington and they say Mount Rainier looming in our backyard could blow any time too. We will have something like 45 minutes to get out before the city and our home is wiped out. There are these loud emergency evacuation sirens that are tested occasionally that make my heart skip. "VROOOOOOOOOOOOM!"

There is also an imminent threat of earthquakes. They say the big one is going to happen here and it's going to be bad. We've had a few quakes, nothing like they get in California, but enough to give us a good rock and roll. The street outside my house splitting and opening up a fiery chasm has given me more than a few nightmares.

We live near the base of this big majestic mountain. It rains a lot in this area, sure, but on clear days–the kind we're experiencing now–this is one of the most scenic places anywhere. The only two states I've written stories in are Washington and Wisconsin, two of the four 'W' states, I just realized.

Your upcoming Fresh Flesh is about consumption of human flesh I would presume. From the cover it seems that it's a big human eating island?

The island topography does look hungry, doesn't it? While I'd rather not yet spoil what happens on the island–that's part of the fun reading the story–I will tease and foreshadow with the island not being a place where you'd ever want to shipwreck like Jessica.

Fresh Flesh was originally written as a standalone novel but during the final rewrite I became excited by the idea of writing several more related stories. I've never written any books in a series before and here I saw a compelling series framework. How frequently I return to this series will be motivated in part by reader interest, so I encourage readers who enjoy this book to leave reviews and send me comments encouraging me to hurry up with Fresh #2.

Also, with feedback from several beta readers I saw an even darker angle for the island that didn't fully exist in the first or second draft. I wrote the new parts into the story this year, making the book a work that has taken almost 23 years to 'complete.'

 Gimme a synopsis of Fresh Flesh

The ocean surrounds the secret.  Last night a wicked storm swept a beautiful sacrifice onto the shore.

Shipwrecked Jessica Stanton is about to be discovered, cherished, and trained to survive on a remote island by a man who is not what he seems.  There is a place on earth where unrestrained evil flourishes.

Welcome home, Jessica.

Was one of your Mental Shrillness stories the impetus for Fresh Flesh?

No. The first and second drafts of Fresh Flesh were written over eight years before any of the stories in Mental Shrillness. However, some might think the opposite is true with one story in Mental Shrillness. I won't say which one because, again, that would be playing spoiler but for those who read both books I think they'll make the connection.

 Do you have a day job or is writing all you do?

We own and operate an insurance agency in Orting, Washington and have been self-employed since 1994. Those visiting the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area are welcome and encouraged to stop by our office and, if desired, buy one of my books in person. Or bring a book of mine you've bought elsewhere and if I'm not out of town on business, I'll happily sign it.

Google my name or find our office listed on Foursquare. Even if I'm not in the office when you stop by, there is a great park and nature trail nearby that is awesome for walking, running, biking, skating and/or sightseeing.

If so, how do you structure your time to write, and do you just plain bring it along everywhere you go and write wherever you can.

I get up early in the morning and write before the office opens. Since my wife is also licensed she can handle a lot of the day to day work giving me more free time to write. Our oldest son helps watch the office giving me additional time that I didn't have the first five years that we started the business. With the downtrend of the economy however it has not been busy enough to support us so I might have to go get a second job, which would cut into my future available writing time.

Hopefully enough readers will buy my books so that I can spend even more time writing.

The cover for Fresh Flesh brings to mind Lovecraft in a big way, was that intentional, or happenstance, a fluke?

That is intentional, but not as much by me as the International Horror Guild award winning cover artist, Aeron Alfrey. He has artwork included in A Lovecraft Retrospective, Artists inspired by H.P Lovecraft (Centipede Press, 2008). You can see more of Aeron Alfrey's fantastic artwork at:

I provided Alfrey with an early rough galley of Fresh Flesh as well as quoted specific descriptions of the island. Originally he had an idea for a different illustration until he read the descriptions I sent over. Then he went and created a mock-up of the cover. He posted it to his Monster Brains blog during the Mental Shrillness blog tour when we announced he would be drawing the cover art.

He sent me drawings at various stages and I plan to put these up on my website in the future. Fascinating progression.

I remember first staring at his drawing for a long time, enjoying the intricate details he drew into the island, and that was only the drawing in Photoshop. When I looked at it on the 6×9 paperback for the first time I was impressed again. I liked it so much that in the 2011 draft I went back in and added a few more details that were in the drawing.

There were three things I asked to be added to Alfrey's original drawing: the southwest beach where Jessica washes ashore in the beginning (look at the left jaw line), a butterfly and custom text for the title and my name. The fonts we tried just didn't fit as well as the one he drew by hand.

I think there are some folks who will buy this book for Alfrey's cover art alone. There is a video of me opening the box with the first proof that I posted to Goodreads:

I'm excited on September 29, 2011 to finally be able to share Fresh Flesh with readers.

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September 20, 2011

So now I give my blog back over to the too opinionated Mr Galanis who is interviewing the equally opinionated world traveller and teller of tall tales, Danielle Blanchard Benson, a pseudonym if I've ever heard one. No that's her real name? Yeah, of course it is.

Beautiful People Author
Beautiful People 1
Beautiful People 2
Beautiful People 3
Beautiful People 4
Beautiful People 5
Beautiful People 6
Forever 21
Forever 27

Speaking to you a few times I've seen that you're quite the traveler. How did this globe trotting start? 

I have always wanted to travel, even as a little girl. Okay, since I was thirteen. I imagined Europe to be a very fairy tale; I'd been to Canada at the age of eight so no surprises there… it felt like the U.S. only different. ;-) Europe was definitely an eye-opener. I loved being an au pair in Scandinavia (Sweden to be specific), totally went native… lived in a completely Swedish suburb with my Swedish-Finnish boyfriend and had a blast. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would probably be there if everything hadn't fallen apart between the Swede and I. His name was Janne and I thought I was in love… *sigh*. Janne Nordling, if you are still alive, contact me! It would be a blast to check up on an old friend. ;-)

Besides Sweden, I have also been  to Finland, lived in England, traveled to Scotland, spent a lot of time in France and have also been to southern Germany (mostly Bavaria), Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. No, I don't ever plan to stop traveling and only death will keep me from exploring the world.  My dream is to settle in Ile-de-France by 2013.

Is your traveling related to your  work or would you have traveled regardless of mercenary motives?

Definitely part of my work, Tom. Shh, you promised to keep the assassin stuff secret. Okay, to make a long story short, my ex worked for the Russian Mafia and Sweden had to put me under the witness protection program. In short, I became a trained killer for both the States and Interpol to use at their discretion. I just write during my free time. It is one of the main reasons why I love the entertainment biz and paranormal so much… it's so damn ordinary and takes me out of myself and the constant murder.

What settled you in Vegas finally?

Last place anyone would actually look for me. I thought it was brilliant to be honest. A bad-ass assassin living in a one-horse town-city like Vegas with a huge religious community? Perfect. I love it here, the weather and the constant sunshine. I'd love it even more if it could be moved from the States to France. Then it would be ultra-perfect.

From your Beautiful People series you seem to be a celebrity and glamor junkie. Growing up you must've died for the prime time soaps of Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Hotel & the template of them all Dallas. I only know about them because my mother loved them, didn't understand too much of what was going on, so I had to translate and hated every minute of it. It went so far that I referred to Falcon Crest as Fucking Crest, which usually earned me a cuff to the side of the head.

Oh Tom, night time soaps are the dreams life is made of. Yes, I remember Dynasty, The Colbys, Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place… am I missing a few? I loved and hated them all at the same time. I suppose The Beautiful People is the flip side to all of that. I consider it to be almost a feel-good parable; a very long novella series which people can read as a delicious and decadent escape from all the real world crap.

I hope I show both sides of the coin. True, there is a lot of beauty and glamour involved but everything we do in life, every decision we make has consequences. These people may be rich and famous but sometimes, you don't know what they have done to gain their celebrity status and what they are willing to do to keep from losing it. That, to me, is powerful and that is where the real drama is, behind the scenes.

The artist formerly known as?  Man when you make it with your glitzy, glam soap books you're gonna go all Prince on us aren't you?  I can see it  now, away with you peasants. Not so much a question I know but please comment.

Aww, thank you! To be honest, it came from David's Gaughran's book, Let's Get Digital. He has a chapter on "netiquette" and advises authors to drop all the cutesy little monikers and get real. I like the idea so I shed vegasgyrl007 and tried to get something as close to professional as I could (my real name was taken); I had to settle for deeblanchard007. The "007″ part is self-explanatory; obvious I am a *huge* James Bond fan and have seen all the films, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. JB is so damned sexy… he makes me wanna drool… I think it is all that sex appeal and chauvinism rippling off him in waves!

Beautiful People is obviously based on some celebrities.  Without naming who's who is based on list as many here as you want. No cross referencing as to who they are in the books just who you thought of when you were writing them. For instance whenever I wrote about one of my main characters Kosta I thought of Sting. No really, a Greek Sting, the same sardonic yet earnest affability that I see in the former Police member. So list 'em.

Aw man… okay, in no particular order, here are some of my inspirations: Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor, Vin Diesel (with major changes of course), a composite of Ryan Phillippe, Paul Walker and Matt Damon, James van der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, Courtney Love, and a few others but I wish to keep them secret at this time… I also listed most (if not all these celebrities one time or another in my book) so there would be no direct linkage to them. I don't pretend to know their life stories and I am in no way saying that the characters are based verbatim on them; rather they provided inspirational in a physical sense of the word.

There are a few characters who are completely organic and weren't based on anyone except my imagination. Christina Williams, her sister Bijoux Hughes, Gray Goldberg, Kevin Goldsmith, Brenda Martinez and Elin Johansson for instance. Much of Elin's life is borrowed parts of my own (except my mother is still alive and I am very close to my sister; both in locality and in terms of being close as siblings).

Did you see Good Hair, with Chris Rock? I loved it and showed it to a friend of mine who's married to a girl from Guadalupe, he said he understood everything that was said and decreed it factual.  That was an eye opener for me about women's hair, whatever color they are. I bring this up just to ask, how long did your hair in your author pic take to braid like that? Wow, that's some coif.

Yes, I have seen Good Hair and I thought it was brilliant. It is one of those cross-cultural films everyone should see even if it is more of a documentary. It might explain a few secrets about the black community and black women in particular (yes, we are an open book too). Lol…

I go to my friend Alicia who lives literally down the street from me. She can do anything when it comes to hair. I am in the low maintenance styles at the moments. Braids are easy and there isn't much to do. It is a wash and go style and easy to maintain. I love it and it works for me at this point and time.

I have friends and they are all jealous because I can do just about anything with my hair (all my life I have only wanted simplicity… I don't particularly like getting extensions or braids but as I work long hours, it is a must. I can't be bothered with my hair and I don't have "good hair".

Yes, in the black community, such a thing exists. My family in particular is the reading rainbow of of ethnic groups (equal parts Native American and African with French, Scots-Irish and German). My sister has beautiful hair, "good" hair if you like. She just shampoos and blow dries (or she can flat iron if she would rather not deal with her gorgeous soft curls. Me, I didn't inherit much. Think of me as being Jason Stackhouse to my sister's Sookie. I can write but that's about it! Lol. ;-)

I checked out some of your sites, including your blog and Smashwords pages and man, you're one busy bee. You're also a mom of two little girls, Brigitte & Siobhan yet you're slated to release Vamp Saga, Murder Inc both series in 2012 and DeGeneration. How do you make the time for all of that, plus a job and the ankle-bitters?

Uh oh… Are you stalking me, Tom? I don't know how much I like this… lol… Seriously, you weren't too far off the map. Brigette goes to school full time and Siobhan (real name Roisin…pronounced Ro-sheen… just glad I didn't name her Niamh… no one would have realized it's pronounced Neeve)…is at home with me but she is a good girl and will soon be going to school. We are working on potty-training now.

I manage not very well but well enough. I write a lot at night and also during the day when I am not doing homework. It's tough and I won't lie, it is a very difficult schedule. There is a lot of crying and noise after 4pm when both the kids are home but I plow through it. I really am determined to make it.

I did the office jobs, the mortgage jobs and the run-of-the-mill jobs. I would very much like to use this time while I am in college doing what I want to do. Have I made it yet? Not even close but that's not the point. I have this opportunity to try and I consider myself lucky indeed for being given this chance. I have met so many great people and I wouldn't change this experience for anything in the world.

I think that'll be enough harassment from me, I'll leave you to your long list of chores and labors of love.

No problem! I loved it… now, if you'll excuse me, I have an interview to upload with our very own Arshad from IWU. He probably hates me right about now! I would love to have you on my blog again… just let me know when your labor of love needs just a little more love. Thanks, Tom. ;-)

-Beautiful People 1 on KDP      -Beautiful People 1 on Smashwords

-Beautiful People 2 on KDP     -Beautiful People 2 on Smashwords

-Beautiful People 3 on KPD     -Beautiful People 3 on Smashwords

-Beautiful People 4 on KPD     -Beautiful People 4 on Smashwords

-Beautiful People 5 on KDP     -Beautiful People 5 on Smashwords

-Beautiful People 6 on KDP     -Beautiful People 6 on Smashwords

-Forever 27 on Smashwords    -Forever 27 on Smashwords

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September 17, 2011

It's been a while since Mr Galanis has let me use my blog again. So what do write about now that I've got it back. How about trashing the fat Greek for a little bit. When there's no IWU Blog Tour he has the gall to put up his version or history, that he creatively titles My-story, not History, get it? Ooooo he's SOOOO clever. What a load of bullshit, crackpot theories.
so how about this now. I've been writing stuff on this here blog for the past year and some of it's been profound but mostly it's been brain discharge, just letting my ideas flow like sewage.  I use that term largely because there's worse things than my ideas. To whit, the complete wastes of breath that are spammers. What the hell do you get by spamming me?
I'm not Steve Jobs or even Ronnie the Limo Driver with his 100k plus followers on twitter. No I'm just a rejected messiah who wants to watch TV, movies & read. So why don't you morons who tell me how much you love my blog at least learn how to write proper english, dipshits!
speaking of reading, I've been completely taken back to my teens by Song of Ice & Fire. George RR is a genius at keeping me on my toes and wanting more. I got into it after HBO's Game of Thrones ended and I just didn't want to wait for it to come back so I found out what happened to the Lannisters, Starks, and the rest of the folk of the Seven Kingdoms.
it's soap operas with swords.
also am looking forward to the coming new TV season. SAMCRO, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter and Walking Dead are returning and not a moment too soon. With their return we also have others who are leaving like Entourage, and True Blood.
yet we have to wait till early 2012 for Spartacus: Vengeance to return, and sadly without Andy Whitfield who succumbed to cancer, the illness that lost him the title role of Spartacus. Starz found a look-alike who'll have big sandals to fill there. I've got  my fingers crossed.

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September 14, 2011

Apolo Drakuvich the Author
Apolo Drakuvich the Book


-  Apolo Drakuvich  on KDP Amazon         -   GW Jefferies Blog

In this interview Athanasios has GW Jefferies, the author of Apolo Drakuvich and reputed pseudonym of Geoffrey Alexander some dude out of Austin, Texas.

Tell us what the book is about:

Apolo Drakuvich presents a life of regret in epic proportions. Apolo sadly examines the events and decisions of his life, and the paths he took and should have taken. Apolo seeks peace of mind and justice, but flashbacks of his past continuously haunt him; moreover, he seems to be victimized by a corrupt justice system everywhere he goes.

From being called "dork" and bullied by "Cocaine Shane" during his school days, Apolo goes through a number of life changing events. One of the most defining moments of the book, peering deeply into his character, is the scene in which Apolo states, "I wasn't always like this. I'm a hardened, thicker skin, arrogant fool. Like all of us, past events have shaped me into the person I'm today. But I've gone through so much crap. This environment has changed me. The people. The stupidity."

What is special about the main character?

Apolo Drakuvich is an anti-hero.  He's a person with a struggling value system and he is trying to make things right.  Whether or not that is that actual right thing to do is up to the reader but Apolo tries to make things right the only way he knows how.  He's bad but there are people far worse than he is.

What conflicts drive the story?

There is a strong inner conflict that Apolo deals with for the entire story.  He's a small time criminal but the pressure from society has turned him into something worse.  Drakuvich can't stand the daily life of San Pinto.  Political corruption and a parasitic media only make things poorer for Apolo.

What would you say the theme of the book is? 

Apolo Drakuvich discusses pertinent issues of today's society, where it is next to impossible for offenders to live normal lives, despite the desire to do so.

 Who would be most interested in this novel?

I think anyone who is interested in criminal justice or the law would like to read this book.  It is an important story that anyone can read and get something from.  Even though Apolo is a criminal, a lot of people can relate to this character in some way.

 What prompted you to write the book?

It is an important story that had to be told and Apolo Drakuvich is a work of fiction.  This story talks about a slippery slope and the treatment of criminals needs to be reexamined.  There has to be a balance of proper justice and punishment.  The punishment must fit the crime.  Lifetime registration…lifetime harassment does not help anyone, especially if it is a small crime.

When you write, how does it make you feel?

I love telling stories and  I put a lot of energy into what I write.  All of my emotions and feelings go into my works and I don't care how small or large the project is; I put all of my efforts into it.  I want both the reader and myself to be satisfied with my writing. I like to experiment with my writing.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  I just keep moving forward and try to tell a great story.

What authors inspire you?  Whose books can't you put down?

I'm a huge fan of Hunter S. Thompson and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is one of my favorite books.  I really dig his style and I love the blending of truth and fiction.  Thompson lived a remarkable and crazy life.  It's appealing to me the dual life of Thompson.  There was the character of Hunter S. Thompson or Raul Duke and the real Thompson.  Somehow he managed to bring both to life.  I'm also a fan of Chuck Palahniuk and his works.

Have you ever read a book more than once?

I've read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas multiple times.

Would you like to share any other stories or books that you have written?

I've written a book of poetry, "The Wind Changed as I Lay Dying."  It is a collection of eighty-nine poems that come straight from the heart.

Who designed the cover of your book?

I design my own covers.

What are your thoughts on book trailers?

Most of them are crap.

Do you have any advice for other writers?


 What is the best advice that you have ever been given when it comes to writing?


Coffee or tea?


One of your favorite quotes

"They'll never take me alive!" – My Dad

 List 3 of your all time favorite movies?

Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Rocky

 List 3 More Movies:

Tombstone, The Big Lebowski, Office Space

What projects do you have planned for the future?

I'm working on several novels and I plan on self-publishing them soon.


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