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This is my first blog and I’m celebrating big time. But first the bad news: My novel, The Drowning of Stephan Jones (based on a true story involving the murder of a gay man), was hounded by a whole army of unlit minds taking their orders from the higher ups. These “higher ups” taught the protestors that they must never reveal where their commands originated. All very secret.
So much anger was targeted against this novel that the American Library Association listed The Drowning of Stephan Jones as one of America’s 100 most banned books. But banning it was not an easy task for the people who wanted to kill my book. For starters, it took a lot of legwork to take a book that so many people wanted to read off the library shelves and out of the classrooms.
To accomplish this, an amazing amount of people made an endless amount of trips to schools and to libraries protesting that Bette Greene is a bad writer. Bette Greene is bad for children. Bette Greene’s books ought to be burned or, at least, thrown out of all schools and libraries.
Even so, I’m grateful for some of the things that they haven’t yet accused me of: Being cruel and abusive to parakeets, breaking and entering the former Chicago home of President Obama or killing the goose who laid the golden egg.
So to all those who have spent their quality time protesting my books, I’d like to say that they all have worked long, hard and diligently to accomplish the censorship of The Drowning of Stephan Jones. Usually I’m quick to congratulate folks whose mission has been accomplished, only this time I’m going to forego any and all compliments. I just know you'll understand. So thanks.

People who have read The Drowning of Stephan Jones as well as people who haven’t invariably ask why I am being banned. My answer is always the same: any answer that I offer would be pretty self-serving—too self-serving to be called objective. I cannot be totally and completely objective, so please read this much-discussed book and tell me what you think.
Truly, I do want to know (as do so many others who’ve asked the question): why is it that Bette Greene has two books that so many people have worked so successfully to ban? Summer of My German Soldier, called a “Modern American Classic”, has continued on the ALA most banned books for 40 years.
Okay, now for the good news: you can’t keep a good man—or a good book—down. The Drowning of Stephan Jones and Summer of My German Soldier are being E-published by Open Road Integrated Media.
Summer of My German Soldier is being published in print by Penguin Putnam.
The Drowning of Stephan Jones (the enhanced edition) is being published in print directly by me through Amazon Createspace.

Please let me know your thoughts on why I’m one of the most censored authors in America. I can’t wait to hear from you.
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