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“Ellen Louise, you've done the sensible thing all your life. Now's the time to follow your heart."
"What if I do that and he still turns me down?"
"What if you don't and you never know?”
Jenna Kernan, The Last Cahill Cowboy
“Dang it, Chance. You been here one day and you killed a man and split another one's skull open. I got enough to do without you adding more work."
Chance kept his tone level. "He drew on me."
"Why were you over in the Badlands in the first place?"
"You know why."
Bowie glared, then lowered his voice. "Think you can get through a day without killing someone?"
"Don't know. It's early yet.”
Jenna Kernan, The Last Cahill Cowboy
“You saved our lives, back there."
He leaned his mouth a few inches from hers. "You want to show me your gratitude?"
Ellie moved closer and rested her hands on the great expanse of Chance's broad chest. His mouth twitched in what might have been an unpracticed smile that shot straight through her like a ray of sunlight. She gave him the tight smile she saved for difficult guests, then whispered to him.
"Not if you were the last man in Texas.”
Jenna Kernan, The Last Cahill Cowboy

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