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“You never know what they mean until you hear what they don't say.”
James Church, A Corpse in the Koryo
“You may be yesterday's news to some but you will be tomorrows front page to many”
James Church, Faith Grip- Holding on to the Promises of God
“Over the years, completely out of channels, a classification system for cases had grown up among sector-level inspectors. The Ministry often sent down memos warning against the use of this unsanctioned system, only reinforcing suspicions that it was pretty close to accurate. Category one cases were simple enough - those we were expected to investigate and, where possible, solve. Category two cases were those we were expected to be seen as investigating but not to solve. Category three cases were those we were to avoid - leave every stone unturned. In fact, for a category three case, it was best not even to record that there were any stones. No records, no files, no nothing.”
James Church, Hidden Moon

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