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“Slit my skull open. Know what it'll be like? Like slitting open the guts of a great white shark. Stuff'll come out like you wouldn't fucking believe.”
Philip Ridley, Mercury Fur
“When we are born we are magical and loving and full of wonder. But darkness and ignorance surround us at every corner. Until the day someone calls us a monster or a devil and we believe them.”
Philip Ridley, In the Eyes of Mr Fury
“The way you see yourself is important, you see. It's as if you carve yourself out of your own interpretation. And so I became the name I was called.”
Philip Ridley, In the Eyes of Mr Fury
“When the Devil gets bored he tells stories to his bats and these bats fly to us and give us these stories as nightmares.”
Philip Ridley, In the Eyes of Mr Fury

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