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“Looking around the workbench Colin spotted a device that looked like a complex handgun. "What's this?" He grabbed it and started aiming it at various objects around the room.
That's a glue gun." Razor replied.
Wow! How's it work?"
It's not a weapon, Col. We use it to glue things to other things.”
Michael Carroll, The Gathering
“Depth is not something the writer puts into a book; it's something the reader takes out of it.”
Michael Carroll
“Stay down if you know what's good for you." Colin said. He put his foot on the man's neck and applied a little weight.
The man coughed into the dirt. "Who...who are you?"
Who am I?" Colin replied. He had been waiting for this moment. "I'm the the one bogeyman is afraid of. I'm the new face of justice. I'm your worst nightmare."
He crouched down, leaning closer to the man. "You'd better warn the rest of your low-life friends that there's a new hero in town. You and your kind wont be tolerated any longer."
Colin stood up and folded his arms. He wished there was a breeze that would make his cape fly a little. "Who am I? I am Titan."
And that was when one of the other muggers hit Colin across the back of his head with a plank of wood.”
Michael Carroll, The Gathering
“Colin reached out and grabbed hold o fine car engine, ripping it. He lifted it above his head. Solomon Cord dropped the wrench and said God it is true.”
Michael Carroll
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