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“لن أرتد حتى أزرع في الأرض جنتي أو أقتلع من السماء جنة أو أموت أو نموت معاً”
Ghassan Kanafani
“كلّهم يتحدّثون عن ِالطريق ، يقولون : تجد نفسكَ على الطريق ! وهُم لا يعرفون منَ الطريق إلا لونها الأسود وأرصِفتها !”
Ghassan Kanafani, رجال في الشمس
“I heard you in the other room asking your mother, 'Mama, am I a Palestinian?' When she answered 'Yes' a heavy silence fell on the whole house. It was as if something hanging over our heads had fallen, its noise exploding, then - silence. Afterwards...I heard you crying. I could not move. There was something bigger than my awareness being born in the other room through your bewildered sobbing. It was as if a blessed scalpel was cutting up your chest and putting there the heart that belongs to you...I was unable to move to see what was happening in the other room. I knew, however, that a distant homeland was being born again: hills, olive groves, dead people, torn banners and folded ones, all cutting their way into a future of flesh and blood and being born in the heart of another child...Do you believe that man grows? No, he is born suddenly - a word, a moment, penetrates his heart to a new throb. One scene can hurl him down from the ceiling of childhood onto the ruggedness of the road.”
Ghassan Kanafani
“إن الانتصار هو أن تتوقع كل شيء..و ألا تجعل عدوك يتوقع..!”
Ghassan Kanafani
“بالدم نكتب لفلسطين
We write with the blood for Palestine”
Ghassan Kanafani
“If the prisoner is beaten, it is an arrogant expression of fear.”
Ghassan Kanafani, All That's Left to You: A Novella and Short Stories
“إذا كنا مدافعين فاشلين عن القضية..فالأجدر بنا أن نغير المدافعين..لا أن نغير القضية...!”
Ghassan Kanafani
“لك شيء في هذا العالم..فقم..”
Ghassan Kanafani
“-أتعرفين ما هو الوطن يا صفية ؟ الوطن هو ألا يحدث ذلك كله .”
Ghassan Kanafani, عائد إلى حيفا
“المدرَسة لا تُعلِّم شيئاً ، لا تعلِّم سوى الكسَل .. فاتركها وغِص في المقلاة مثلمَا فعلَ سائر ُالبشَر .”
Ghassan Kanafani
“لقد اكتشفت انا -كما يجب أن تكون اكتشفت أنت منذ زمن بعيد - كم هو ضروري ان يموت بعض الناس …من أجل أن يعيش البعض الآخر..انها حكمة قديمة ..أهم ما فيها الآن …أنني أعيشها

I have discovered what you have probably discovered a long time ago: how inevitable it is for some people to die for some others to live.. The most significant thing about this ancient wisdom is that I’m living it now..”
Ghassan Kanafani
“إن الرجل الذي يلتحق بالفدائيين لا يحتاج بعد إلى رعاية أمه”
Ghassan Kanafani
“الأمور تمضِي بشكلٍ أفضَل ، حينَ لا يُقسم ُالمرءُ بشرفِه !”
Ghassan Kanafani
“My political position springs from my being a novelist. In so far as I am concerned, politics and the novel are an indivisible case and I can categorically state that I became politically committed because I am a novelist, not the opposite.”
Ghassan Kanafani

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