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“It isn't what happens its how you deal with it.”
tags: humor
“Emperor of Mars: We should be rid of the Earthling now.

Count Rochefort: Was your daughter on the ship?

Emperor of Mars: Yes.

Emperor of Mars: Life is sad.”
Jason, The Last Musketeer
“, you're lyin' on the battlefield with an arrow for a decoration, and everybody homes in on it like a beacon and they start pryin' it out WHILE you're conscious, and you're thinkin' "Ahh! Don't trouble yourselves, just leave it in there for goodness' sake! I got it first, it's mine! Don't touch it! I can use it to hang stuff on and--aahh!" And then when you finally faint from all the pain, they shake you and shout your name and try to wake you up, and you're thinkin' "Heeeeeeell no, I ain't comin' back to that! Why d'you think I fainted in the first place?!" Then they get all frantic-like and such and start hollerin' "Don't die on me, man!" and you're thinkin' "The only one gonna die here is you if you don't quit shaking me!
“Do you wanna be right, or do you wanna be happy?”
tags: pll, s5e3

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