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“I raised a brow. “So you do listen.”
“When it involves your lips, you have my full attention.”
Priscilla West, Forbidden Surrender
“He was something in between. Steadfast in pursuit but adaptable. Charming yet respectful. In other words, complex.”
Priscilla West, Forbidden Surrender
“Thank you,” I said, holding my hands behind my head, hoping my hair hid the fact that my wrists were bound together with seat belt straps.”
Priscilla West, Secret Surrender
“Some of the intensity left Vincent’s face and his mouth twisted into a boyish grin, but he never broke eye contact.”
Priscilla West, Forbidden Surrender
“Daniela had said that he looked like a musician. Now I knew what she had meant. Looking at Justin made one word come to mind: Bieber.”
Priscilla West, Wrecked
“But if we make it through this together, we’ll be stronger. If we make it through this alone, we’ll just be better at being alone.”
Priscilla West, Beautiful Surrender
“I was about to rush out the door when I realized that I’d be stealing his clothes. Frantically thinking of some quick way to repay him, I spotted his kitchen trashcan and decided to take his trash out as a way of thanking him. It wasn’t a fair payback-He’d saved my life after all – but at least it was better than nothing. To appease my guilty conscience, I ended up taking his recyclables as well.
“I couldn’t help myself. Your mom’s a MILF,” the TV blared.
It was the last thing I heard before I opened the front door
and stepped outside.
I planned on looking for the dumpster around his apartment but when I reached the bottom of his stairs, I heard his door open. Panicking that he’d catch me, I slung the garbage bags over my shoulder and sprinted in the direction of my dorm. Running across campus in an oversized shirt and jeans, wet, dirty clothes in hand, and two trash bags jangling over my shoulder, I probably looked like a deranged homeless person. A homeless person who saw imaginary cats.”
Priscilla West, Wrecked
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“I was okay. Just okay. Not good, not bad—just okay. After what happened to Mom, I answered a lot of questions with that line.”
Priscilla West, Wrecked
“I can tell you for a fact that you’re blessed to have someone in your life. Greatest fortune a person can have. Cherish every day of it.”
Priscilla West, Rescued

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