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“Do you always curse in Danish?” he asked.
She shook her head and flashed him a smile. “No,” she replied. “I can curse in seventeen languages - and I can tell you to fuck me in twenty-four.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“I don’t want to tell you everything. Actually, I’m not sure I can remember everything. I spent a fair bit of time repressing some of those thoughts, and I don’t really have a huge amount of time for that psychobabble crap: a few things really are better left off where they are.”
M.J. Lawless, Refracted Crystal: Diamonds and Desire
“He, however, pushed her gently but firmly back down onto the bed. “Did I say you could move?” he asked with mock authority. “You lie back and open your legs.”

“Yes, sir!” she replied, equally mockingly but full of delight as she stretched her thighs apart. “But you can’t go to your meeting with that!”

Daniel looked down. “Why not? Maximilian Roth may be richer than me, but I don’t think he should forget for a moment who has the bigger cock.”
M.J. Lawless, Refracted Crystal: Diamonds and Desire
“As he spoke and bent his head to hers, their lips meeting and the soft, warm creatures of their mouths joining blissfully, his eyes glittered and shone, brighter for a moment than the sun that rose like a crystal, whole and complete in the sky.”
M.J. Lawless, Refracted Crystal: Diamonds and Desire
“Sometimes, we’re so... we’re so bloody concerned with doing the things everyone expects us to do, we forget that in the end we need to show each other a bit of mercy, pity and peace. And love. Love more than all.”
M.J. Lawless, The Long Last Summer
“We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, that seems to be one thing that doesn't change, even as you get older. I guess that’s what life is, in the end. The chance to make mistakes.”
M.J. Lawless, The Long Last Summer
“Fuck me. If I'm to die tonight, I want to know I'm alive for one last time.”
M.J. Lawless, Orfeo
“Wow! I thought the other two times were fantastic, but that definitely went up to eleven. Mind you, I’ve never had sex just after someone’s tried to kill me, so it’s probably just hormones and adrenaline and stuff. So don’t get any ideas about bragging to your partners in crime.”
“Partners in crime? Do you think I run some sort of bloody consortium here?”
Karla’s eyes glazed over at the thought and for a second she stumbled against the side of the boat, gripping the rail tightly.
“If they were all like you, perhaps I just might have to submit myself for inspection,” she replied with a faint smile.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“Karla wasn’t the religious type, but with certain men she was willing to get down on her knees and pray.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“I don’t fecking believe it,” Uncle Coilin grumbled. “I could put up with the French, the Italians, the Americans, the Chinese, the Russians.” He continued a list that seemed to take several minutes to complete before concluding: “but I never thought you’d end up with a fecking Englishman.”
Hayden stared at Karla open-mouthed. “Is there any nationality you haven’t slept with?”
She mused for a few moments. “No-one from Tibet.”
“You have some prejudice against Tibetans?”
She shook her head. “No. I’ve just never met the right one. Yet.” A grin slowly spread across her face. “Mind you, I bet the Dalai Lama would be awesome.”
“I don’t think he has sex.”
Waving her hand, she looked at Hayden with mild contempt as Coilin sank his head into his hand. “That’s just marketing and PR bullshit,” she explained breezily. “I bet you, he’d be fantastic in the sack. I mean, it wouldn’t be like shagging the Pope - you know, all kinky shit and getting me to dress up as a young girl. No, he’d be a Tantric master. He’d keep me in a state of orgasm for hours.”
Hayden sighed. “I don’t know which is worse: your perverse grasp of theology or the fact you fantasise about sex with the world’s religious leaders.”
“It’s the only way to bring us together in peace and harmony,” she replied, smiling sweetly.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“I was monoconjugal until I met you. I made it a point of honour to only have sex with a man once.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“A man so dominant as Daniel Stone— in height, in physical and sexual prowess, in financial and worldly muscle— could easily drown her. Sexually, yes: she wanted to submit to him, again and again and again. But that didn’t mean that she wanted to be his shadow in every way…”
M.J. Lawless, The Crystal Fragments Trilogy
“Hair so red, as red as flame,
and eyes so green, as deep as the sea,
your skin so pale I cannot tame -
I burn and I drown when you come to me.”
M.J. Lawless, Orfeo
“Admit it. He's quite a looker - fabulously rich, with all his titles and aristocratic snobbery. God! I bet he's got so much grandeur up his backside that when he takes a dump a dukedom pops out. Go on, admit it. You fell for him.”
M.J. Lawless, Knaves
“And I’ll help you get clean,” he replied. “Just after I’ve made you dirty all over again.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“Great— just what he needed, to discover that he had a submissive streak at the moment of his possible impending death.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“When first I met you, you were naked and strapped down to your bed, so I don’t think you are in any position to convince us of your intellectual abilities.”
M.J. Lawless, Rocks
“Eleanor was sane enough to realise that when your sexual fantasy mutates into the same person you want to stab in the heart, you have a problem.”
M.J. Lawless, Christmas Present
“I’m sure you think you’re a very nice guy, but from where I’m sitting at the moment all I see is an asshole. Yes, you’re a very good-looking asshole, with a great body and handsome face and nice tan and all that, but do you know what the best thing about assholes is? When they keep quiet and go away.”
M.J. Lawless, Christmas Present
“The bastard was enjoying this! His muscles, so taut and perfect beneath his torn clothes, seemed impervious to her blows and now she could feel his erection pressing against her thigh, hungry for her.

At that moment, Karla felt her ovaries pop.”
M.J. Lawless, Knaves
“As she placed one elegant Christian Louboutin pump in front of the other, Karla controlled the rage in her heart. From an incandescent sun of fury, it cooled to an earthly ice age before descending to a hellish frost. It was no accident, she thought to herself as she retrieved her card pass from her bag, Hayden mooning behind her nonchalantly, that the lowest circle of Dante’s inferno was a plain of ice, in the centre of which the traitor Judas had his head stuck up Satan’s arse. Well, perhaps she was elaborating slightly, but at that precise moment she would have liked to have torn her companion a new asshole - starting preferably at his chest.”
M.J. Lawless, Knaves
“Great,” Hayden muttered. “A rich sadist with a Nazi family history. Can this guy get any worse? Let’s get out of here.”
M.J. Lawless, Knaves

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