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“Sebastian stretched. Clara stared. She could not help it. He was still in his breeches and shirt and she was riveted by the deliciously tight fit of the buckskins over his thighs.

"You could avert your eyes," Sebastian said mildly.

"I could," Clara agreed, "but I am not going to."

He smiled. "Hussy."

"I know. But I have waited a long time--”
Nicola Cornick, The Heart of Christmas
“In a letter to Sebastian...
"My brother is preoccupied with affairs of state and all the more suitable of his friends are unavailable at present, which only leaves you..."

Seb winced. The minx. She knew how to deliver a neat insult.”
Nicola Cornick, The Heart of Christmas
“He'll admit to his feelings when he's in his cups."

The valet nodded. "That's true, ma'am. If we could get him drunk."

Clara stifled a laugh. "I am not certain I would want a man who has to be drunk to admit his love for me.”
Nicola Cornick, The Heart of Christmas
“Congratulations?" Martin's expression was like boiling milk.

"Congratulations? I will not permit my sister to marry such a rogue."

"Martin, darling." Juliana said, putting a gentle hand on her husband's arm, "I completely understand your misgivings but I do think we should consider the matter calmly."

"Calmly!" Martin spun around. "I am not calm!"

"I think we all realize that, dearest," Juliana said.”
Nicola Cornick, The Heart of Christmas
“Good morning, Lord Vickery," she [Lady Elizabeth Scarlet] said. „The early fortune hunter catches the heiress, eh?”
Nicola Cornick, The Scandals of an Innocent
“When your lover visits to discuss the illegitimate child you kept a secret from him, offer him a glass of wine…"
The one that most definitely not been in the dowager duchess's handbook.”
Nicola Cornick, The Confessions of a Duchess
“She pressed her fingertips to the cold glass. Outside the night was beautiful but frozen. The trees were still as statues. Above the trees swung a little star, glittering in the deep dark of the night, sometimes obscured by the scurrying cloud, sometimes shining bright, growing in strength.”
Nicola Cornick, The Heart of Christmas

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