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“The sound of a crackling fire going in the fireplace, a nice warm blanket and a good book is just about heaven for me.”
E.L. Grimm, Believe
“No one will ever be able to take my love away from you. I am yours until you don't want me anymore. I am yours. I love you and no one else, never ever doubt that.”
E.L. Grimm, Believe
“Age doesn’t make you a man my lady. If he’s that easily swayed away from a beauty such as you then he’s still a boy. If you were mine I’d have eyes for no one but you.” - Lord Michelle Hertz”
E.L. Grimm, Trust

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Believe (New England Immortals #1) Believe
64 ratings
Trust (New England Immortals #2) Trust
2 ratings
Judge (New England Immortals Book #5) Judge
0 ratings
Hope (New England Immortals Book #4) Hope
0 ratings