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“One whiff of him and her libido went first-grader on her: hand raised, butt dancing in the chair as her hormones screamed, "Pick me! Pick me!”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Fire
“His intensity added that extra special something - sort of like the special sauce on a Big Mac - to the OMG factor.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Fire
“Rejection was a high-flying bitch without brakes. Once it was airborne, pain followed closely behind.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Fire
“The stuff smelled nasty: like gasoline and dirty socks mixed with something sweet. Kind of like Buckley’s cough syrup.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Fire
“Please, Wick. Don’t shut me out. Don’t send me away. I want you for my own.” Tears in her eyes, she pressed her palm to his chest, right over his heart. “You belong to me, and I love you. Nothing else matters.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Desire
“Taller than most, he stood well over six feet, with hair so dark it appeared jet black in the fading light. Matching brows arched over dark brown eyes and his cheekbones rose high over a square jaw covered with day-old whiskers.”
Coreene Callahan, Warrior's Revenge
“Something about it called to her, made her yearn for something more. Maybe it was the wildness, the unpredictability and unbridled strength of nature’s force…and the possibilities inherent in it.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Fire
“Like all things in human society, appearances mattered more than the truth. Vanity reigned supreme.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Fire
“...whoever had linked peace with quiet had been out of their minds.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Ice
“Wishing for something, however, never made it happen. Or changed the facts.”
Coreene Callahan, Fury of Obsession
Coreene Callahan, Warrior's Revenge
“Oh,” she said, resisting the urge to pound on her chest to restart her heart.”
Coreene Callahan, Knight Awakened

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