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“Und alles hatte den leichten Schimmelduft, den Bücher im mittleren Texas haben. Zuviel Feuchtigkeit. Zuviel Wärme. Ein Land, das niemals imstande sein wird, Bücher längere Zeit aufzubewahren. Bücher halten sich hier nicht. Sie schimmeln.
(Die Sache mit dem Hund)”
Lars Gustafsson
“The usual heresy consists in denying the existence of a god who has created us. It is a much more interesting heresy to imagine that possibly a god has created us and then to say that there isn't the least reason for us to be impressed by that fact. And certainly not to be thankful for it.”
Lars Gustafsson, The Death of a Beekeeper
“Deep within, every human being hoards a pitch-black riddle. The darkness of the iris is nothing other than the starless night, the darkness deep in the eye is nothing other than the darkness of the universe.”
Lars Gustafsson, The Death of a Beekeeper
“He stood quite still, freezing, and somebody somewhere owed him infinite love.”
Lars Gustafsson, Stories of Happy People
“If we leave that general descriptive talk where everything which looks like a poem can be called a poem and turn instead to normative talk, we will of course not recognize as a poem everything that looks like a poem. A real poem has to be a successful poem, a successful speech act. In approximately the same way that only a mathematical proof which really proves something can be called a mathematical proof. It is not enough that it looks like a proof. The proof has to prove. For the poem it is not enough to look like a poem. It has to achieve something.”
Lars Gustafsson
“The fantastic in literature doesn't exist as a challenge to what is probable, but only there where it can be increased to a challenge of reason itself: the fantastic in literature consists, when all has been said, essentially in showing the world as opaque, as inaccessible to reason on principle. This happens when Piranesi in his imagined prisons depicts a world peopled by other beings than those for which it was created. ("On the Fantastic in Literature")”
Lars Gustafsson
“När hösten kommer blir landskapet så stilla att det nästan dånar av stillhet. Och sådana höstdagar kan man höra en och annan ensam fågel skrika i stillheten som om den ropade av sorg över något förlorat.”
Lars Gustafsson, Yllet
“A humanidade, que ao longo de milhares de anos foi atormentada pela ideia falsa, bizarra e infeliz de que era dominada por uma figura paternal severa e quase cheia de ódio, no espaço de alguns dias descobriu o seu erro.
Em vez dele, havia uma mãe.
Enquanto a existência a cada momento se afastava, a uma velocidade crescente, do estado descritível para entrar num reino para o qual já não existiam palavras, A LÍNGUA COMEÇOU A MORRER.
Um dos últimos fragmentos de linguagem dizia:
Lars Gustafsson, The Death of a Beekeeper
“Den lyckliga människan är den gåtfullaste”
Lars Gustafsson, Yllet
“This white hot pain, naturally, is basically nothing but a precise measure of the forces which hold this body together. It is a precise measure of the force which has made my existence possible. Death and life are actually MONSTROUS things.”
Lars Gustafsson, The Death of a Beekeeper
tags: death, life
“Wir existieren in einer Schizophrenen Form des sozialen Lebens. Fremde Mächte haben unser normales Leben okkupiert; und genau wie frembe Eroberer die Ureinwohner von Venedig in einen entlegenen Sumpf hinaustrieben, wo sie ihre Stadt auf Pfählen im Wasser bauen mußten, haben die Mächte die uns und unserer Kräfte ausbeuten, uns in eine unfruchtbare Einöde getrieben, die wir "Privatleben" nennen.
(pp. 127-128)”
Lars Gustafsson, Risse in der Mauer: Fünf Romane
“Vad är det som kommer oss att hela tiden försöka intala oss att de döda föremålen omkring oss har en själ, att ladda dem med betydelser? Kan det vara någonting annat än misstanken att också vi är döda föremål?”
Lars Gustafsson, Fantastiska berättelser. Förberedelser till flykt ; Det sällsamma djuret från norr
“O ser humano, esse estranho animal, balançando entre animal e esperança.”
Lars Gustafsson, The Death of a Beekeeper
“April 9th. Hope is almost as difficult as the other. But one is simply more used to hoping and fearing than to find oneself in the middle of what one had hoped or feared.

What I have learned: that there is no real escape from life.

One can only postpone the decision with cunning and cleverness. But there is no way out. It is a totally closed system, and at the exit there is only death. And that naturally is no exit at all.

I am a body. Nothing but a body. Everything which has to be done, which can be done, must happen within this body.

(The Yellow Book IV:2)”
Lars Gustafsson, The Death of a Beekeeper

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