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“THERE IS A LOVELY LITTLE horror story about the peasant who started through the haunted wood—the wood that was, people said, inhabited by devils who took any mortal who came their way. But the peasant thought, as he walked slowly along:

I am a good man and have done no wrong. If devils can harm me, then there isn't any justice.

A voice behind him said, “There isn't.”
Fredric Brown
“There is a sweet little horror story that is only two sentences long:
'The last man on Earth sat along in a room. There was a knock at the door…'
Two sentences and an ellipsis of three dots. The horror, of course, isn't in the story at all; it's in the ellipsis, the implication: what knocked at the door. Faced with the unknown, the human mind supplies something vaguely horrible.”
Fredric Brown, Space On My Hands
“The funeral was beautiful.
I didn't mind it, really. It wasn't exactly Pop's funeral, to me. When I'd been alone with him, there in the little room, well, that was it, as far as I was concerned. I'd said good-bye to him, sort of, then.
This was just something you had to go through with, on account of other people and out of respect for Pop.”
Fredric Brown, The Fabulous Clipjoint
“Все это было слишком бредово, слишком невероятно, чтобы не происходить на самом деле.”
Fredric Brown, Arena
“It should not matter, but it does. I want to know how many hours of the night are gone and how many remain and that there is no good reason for my wanting to know does not stop the wanting.”
Fredric Brown, The Lenient Beast
“Ce sera, dit-il au garçon venu prendre la commande de son dessert, un supervibrateur subatomique antiextraterrestre”
Fredric Brown, Martians, Go Home
“When you look out of a window, when you look at anything, you know what you're seeing? Yourself. A thing can only look beautiful or romantic or inspiring only if the beauty or romance or inspiration is inside you.”
Fredric Brown

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