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“Funny, no matter how fast one travels, the past is just a moment, just a thought away.”
Van Heerling
“At the precipice of death, more often than not, we think of the ones we lov, the friendships we are about to lose, the fights we wish we did not win, and the missed opportunities to forgive. Some say that sorrow, regret, and empathy in man are reasons to believe man may be worthy of salvation. I hope so." vh”
Van Heerling, Dreams of Eli
“Well, my friend, if I may be blunt, all this time you have talked about how you walked away from your American life. How you walked away from your wife. And the reasons you have put forth to me about why and how your children would be better if you left. You may see your wife and children at anytime, however. They are only a sea away. This is the American loss I speak of. - A portion of Abasi's explanation of how ridiculous westerners can be.”
Van Heerling, Malaika

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Van Heerling
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