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“I really like it when a bad dream doesn't scare inspires you instead'.”
Fwah Storm
“The history of yesterday, and the mysterys of tomorrow will never defeat me when I share the gift of today with others, because inside I know that I am based on a true story”
Fwah Storm
“Please, call me Lucifer...Wreckage has told me all about you...I think you'll fit right in with my little family of misfits...”
Fwah Storm, Jericho: Issue Three
“You see, when I was growing up I watched my mother battle with cancer...she died when I was 15 after going through five years of treatment...and during all that time you could see that the treatment was like torture to her...It seemed like the doctors were pumping her full of chemicals just to prolong the when I saw the chance to make a difference, I was determined to get it right!”
Fwah Storm, Jericho: Issue Two

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