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“He was such a great lover. He was so male, so thoroughly a man that she felt all the rewards of being his woman." (showing 0-0 of 0) (0.04 seconds)”
Sienna Mynx, Mi Carina - Diego's Wrath
“I can have a car take you home...after."


Sienna Mynx, Harmony
“Tonight, you're mine. In fact, Songbird this is only the beginning. This body, pussy, your voice, all of it belongs to me.”
Sienna Mynx, Harmony
“I wish you would reconsider. I’m really harmless, until I’m disappointed.”
Sienna Mynx, Destino
“told her about. “He’s your cousin?”
Sienna Mynx, Destino
“Strange that the word 'submit' kept popping in her head each time she locked eyes with him. Strange that she found the mere idea repulsive on merit, but tempting now.”
Sienna Mynx, Mi Carino - Risky Love

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