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“The truly terrible thing is that everybody has their reasons.”
Jean Renoir
“The real hell of life is everyone has his reasons.”
Jean Renoir
“حيٌ هو كل من يمكنه أن يختار الكفّ عن العيش”
Jean Renoir
“A director makes only one movie in his life. Then he breaks it up and makes it again.”
Jean Renoir
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“You see, in this world, there is one awful thing, and that is that everyone has his reasons.”
Jean Renoir
“يمكن للقراءة أن تصبح آفة أسوأ من الكحول والمورفين. لا ينبغي أن تتخم بالكتب، لكن لو فعلت هذا، عليك عندئذ أن تقرأ الأعمال العظيمة فقط. الكتّاب العظام يقربوننا من الطبيعة، أما الرومنتيكيون فيبعدوننا عنها. الأمر المثالي هو أن يقرأ المرء كتابا واحداً فقط طيلة حياته.
اليهود فعلوا ذلك بإخلاصهم للكتاب المقدس، والعرب مع القرآن.”
Jean Renoir
“The really terrible thing is that everyone has his reasons.”
Jean Renoir, The Rules of the Game
“The foundation of all civilization is loitering.”
Jean Renoir
“Everyone has his reasons." Octave (Jean Renoir) in "The Rules of the Game.”
Jean Renoir
“I considered that the world, and especially the cinema, was burdened with false gods. My task was to overthrow them. Sword in hand, I was ready to consecrate my life to the task. But the false gods are still there. My perseverance during a half-century of cinema has perhaps helped to topple a few of them. It has likewise helped me to discover that some of the gods were real, and had no need to be toppled.”
Jean Renoir, My Life and My Films
“All great art is abstract.”
Jean Renoir
“There is no realism in American films. No realism, but something much better, great truth.”
Jean Renoir, Renoir on Renoir: Interviews, Essays, and Remarks
“The truly terrible thing is, everyone has his reasons”
Jean Renoir
“Curiously enough, Sanson's assistant disapproved of Dr Guillotin's invention. it had ruined the profession by making it too easy. facility always opens the doors to amateurs. In olden times, in order to cut off a head with the axe, one needed some training in the profession, not to mention a few natural gifts such as a sharp eye and a steady hand. But what merit is there in manipulating a machine which does the whole job for you?”
Jean Renoir, Renoir, My Father

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