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“Albert aimed his flashlight down into the hole.
Gold,' Albert Said
Quinn was a little surprised by Albert's er of fact tone.
he'd half expected a Gollum like,My precioussss or something.
Hunger-By Micheal Grant”
Michael Grant, Hunger: A Gone Novel
“it couldn't last. Everyone was killing time. But if all they did was kill time, time would end up killing them.”
Michael Grant, Michael Grant Gone Collection 6 Books Set,
“And death is better because death is the end of fear, isnt it? -Dekka”
Michael Grant
“The end is the best part of any story”
Michael Grant
“You can't be trapped by other people. You can only be trapped by your own fear. Defy and win.”
Michael Grant
“Sadie was like that, one of those people untouched by trend or fashion, comfortable building her own world out of what she liked, from tunes and styles and reads that could be so ancient they were cobwebbed, up through to things so new they barley existed yet.”
Michael Grant
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“Fear wasn't about what made sense. Fear was about possibilities. Not things that happened. Things that might.”
Michael Grant
“―¡Pero míralo!―Urge Solo― Soy completamente hetero y se lo haría.”
Michael Grant, Eve & Adam
“We are at a turning point of revolution species. Evolution has blindly felt its way forward , now, we, the product of evolution are taking the wheel. We soon will have the ability to design and create the new human, evolution still, but guided evolution...of course, only on computer simulation.”
Michael Grant, Eve & Adam
“I know something must be very wrong, or just possibly very right?”
Michael Grant, Eve & Adam

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