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“Nancy Herman, my new gym partner and locker neighbor, puts her hand on my shoulder and whispers, "Don't worry April. I have foot fungus too.”
Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws
“I stamped, certified, and lipsticked my life in a package sent through Priority Mail directly to the devil herself...and there's no turning back.”
Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws
“My secret world of bosom sculpting is crashing down around me. I’m destined for bra-stuffing rehab in a distant boobicus minimus land. I just know it.”
Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws
“In my opinion, the person who created the torture device called gym class should be clobbered with an enormous frozen cucumber. Not to mention, the person who decided it would be a great idea to schedule me in first period gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday also deserves a heavy-handed whacking with the same frozen cucumber.”
Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws
“Everyone knows he's crazier than a shaved mule in a toboggan race.”
Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws

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Amy Holder
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