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“Everyone, no matter how refined, had a stash of porn.”
Tinnean, No One Should Be Alone
“Sometime during the night, I roused enough to reach sleepily for Quinn. He’s not here, my subconscious grumbled, and I came completely awake. No shit. I want him. You had to wake me up to tell me that? Listen, he isn’t here, so go back to sleep. I want him!”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!
“Kinky!” he murmured against my lips. “Very funny, Hedley Lamarr.” He burst into pleased laughter. “No one ever gets my impressions!”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!
“Here’s to you, here’s to me, and here’s to the space between us. One of us has to go.’” He met my eyes, a crooked grin on his lips. “‘Not you. Not me. But the space between us.”
Tinnean, Forever
“supposed I should mentally apologize to Quinn for thinking the worst of him…. Okay, sorry, Quinn.”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!
“Quinn turned away to walk out of the room, and he looked so good my cock leaped to attention. I say we strip those fancy-ass clothes from his body and fuck him until he knows he’s ours! I stared down at my lap in irritation. Please?”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!
“At the word “elegant,” I got a funny feeling in my… no, of course not my heart. It was just those damned cheesy fries giving me acid reflux.”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!
“Jesus. It looked like someone had died and made Martha Stewart queen.”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!
“I’d warned that fucking flea-bitten, sway-backed, hay-burning refugee from a glue factory that I had a gun and had no problem using it if he made me look bad in front of my lover. Obviously, he hadn’t taken my warning seriously.”
Tinnean, Forever
“Portia Mann frowned at me. “Have you and my son broken up again? When I told him he should be the one doing the discarding, his doing a vanishing act was certainly not what I meant!”
Tinnean, Not My Spook!

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