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“He says he knows someone isn't from the same race as he when that person looks at his library and asks, 'Have you read all of these?' A true book lover knows that, no, he hasn't read them all. It's about the process, it's about when the right reference comes up, you have the right book to go to; it's about never being without something to occupy your eyes and mind.”
Jamie S. Rich, The Everlasting
“I was a happy melancholy, though — a contradiction in terms, to be sure, but every human understands this paradox, because they have all felt it.”
Jamie S. Rich, I Was Someone Dead
“There's time enough, though. Time enough to learn everything about one another. That's the adventure. And the longer it takes just means we'll never get bored.”
Jamie S. Rich, Love the Way You Love, Vol. 1: Songs of Faith
“...yesterday I saw Quentin not as the bright face everyone puts on for the purpose of dating but as she was when things broke down, and I still wanted to be there. Maybe more than ever, if only to enjoy the happiness that inevitably follows tragedy, when everything works out.”
Jamie S. Rich, The Everlasting

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