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“I'm the girl nobody knows until she commits suicide. Then suddenly everyone had a class with her.”
Tom Leveen, Party
“A good rock band is like a great lover. Their rhythms simultaneously jolt and calm you. They know when and where to tease you to make it feel the best, how to draw from you the ultimate pleasure.”
Tom Leveen
“... I completely forgot about the pizza until the cops showed up.”
Tom Leveen, Party
“Friends are how God apologizes for your family."---Mike”
Tom Leveen, Zero
“You're damn skippy I am.”
Tom Leveen, Party
“Whoa, hello, assertiveness! How lovely to make your acquaintance.”
Tom Leveen, Zero
“However, since I lacked the testicular fortitude to make contact with Becky, I went ahead and called Sydney the next afternoon and met her at the mall that night.”
Tom Leveen, Manicpixiedreamgirl

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