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“Perhaps this is what it was all about. Leaning on God when life made no sense, as well as when the answers seem clear.”
Tracie Peterson, A Lady of Secret Devotion
“Often admitting our weakness and fear is the first step to finding rest in God. Our trust in Him isn't conveyed though superhuman confidence as much as it comes in the way of childlike reliance on Him.”
Tracie Peterson, Morning's Refrain
“Instead of asking Him to remember you, why not pray to find comfort and value where He has taken you.”
Tracie Peterson, Morning's Refrain
“love isn't about living in fear. It's not about controlling the hearts of those around you. It is patient and kind. It endures and believes the very best. It never gives up.”
Tracie Peterson, Twilight's Serenade
“Just remember, forgiveness is a way of setting yourself free of the bondage put on you by others. There is liberty to he had in it.”
Tracie Peterson, Dawn's Prelude
“I can tell you what women need in general. They need respect and love. They need to be able to trust your word and to be able to confide in you. So often, we can't care for ourselves in this world, so we need protection and provision.”
Tracie Peterson, Twilight's Serenade
“you cannot let the pain of the past destroy the happiness of the future.”
Tracie Peterson, Twilight's Serenade
“Your hope doesn't come from within-not in the sense of self, anyway. It comes from God alone. If not, then it will crumble and blow as dust to the wind. You have only to fix your sights on Jesus.”
Tracie Peterson, Hearts Aglow
“It was an accident," Deborah declared.
"Yeah, the man she intended to hit ducked. I just happened to be behind him.”
Tracie Peterson, Embers of Love
“Do not wish your life away, " Grandfather would tell her. "None of us know the number of days we are allotted. It would be foolish to discard any of them.”
Tracie Peterson, An Unexpected Love
“She often told her children that they couldn't change the past and they couldn't jump forward to the future. All they had was today, and they needed to live it in such a way that they wouldn't create just another regretted yesterday. Mourning the past was never productive-she knew this full well.”
Tracie Peterson, Morning's Refrain
“Merrill Krause - You mentioned God's will for me. How will I know what that is, Father?
Bogart Krause - I've always believed it to start with prayer. The Good Book says that if a man wants wisdom, he just has to ask. I would imagine it works the same way for womenfolk. If you want to know what God's plan is -- then I would ask Him. Couldn't hurt to search the Scriptures, too. And listen to what He is telling you inside. Even when you don't think you're hearing anything, keep listening.”
Tracie Peterson
“Often times we reach out to people who would rather not be reached. We love people who reject our love and would just as soon spit in our face, but Jesus asks us to go on loving--go on reaching. It's easy to love someone when they love us, but so much harder to love when we are treated poorly by that person.”
Tracie Peterson, Where My Heart Belongs
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“I'm quick enough to criticize and lecture the poor man. Praise should be just as quick to come when the right course is chosen.”
Tracie Peterson
“You are entitled to feel all the bitterness and hatred you were taught. You are entitled to carry with you the pain and sorrow, the longing and disappointment. They will happily accompany you through life. Claim them if you will, but remember they are greedy, and their demands are many. You must be ready to pay the price they require.'
'The price?'
Nasnana sobered and nodded. 'Yes. There is always a price. Little by little these companions will steal away your joy, your peace of mind, your contentment. They will take your very heart and turn it to stone.”
Tracie Peterson, All Things Hidden
“I suppose my biggest frustration is that we as white people come into a culture and demand that the natives do things our way. I want to see their lives bettered as much as anyone, but who says we have somehow arrived at the perfect way to live? Especially for specific areas of the world?”
Tracie Peterson, Morning's Refrain
“Merrill Krause - "My brothers have scared off just about any fellow who showed interest in getting to know me."
Granny Lassiter - "Well, if a man can't stand up to those brothers of yours, you needn't even consider him. A man ought to be able to hold his own with his wife's family.”
Tracie Peterson, The Icecutter's Daughter
“Words spoken in haste cannot be taken back. And while they may be forgiven, the memories will linger to warn the heart of future encounters.”
Tracie Peterson, Ashes and Ice

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