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“Let me give my love to you.
Let me take your hand.
And as we walk in the dimming light
Oh darling understand
That everything ends...”
Death Cab for Cutie
“It's brainless to assume that making changes to your window's view will give a new perspective”
Death Cab for Cutie
“You shouldn't think what you're feeling”
Death Cab for Cutie
“No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight waiting for the hint of a spark”
Death Cab for Cutie
“I need you so much closer”
Death Cab for Cutie
“I want to live where soul meets body
And let the sun wrap its arms around me
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing
And feel, feel what its like to be new

And I cannot guess what we'll discover
When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels
But I know our filthy hands can wash one another’s
And not one speck will remain

And I do believe it’s true
That there are roads left in both of our shoes
But if the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too
So brown eyes I hold you near
Cause you’re the only song I want to hear”
Death Cab for Cutie
“I roll the window down
And then begin to breathe in
The darkest country road
And the strong scent of evergreen
From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

Then looking upwards
I strain my eyes and try
To tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites
From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

"do they collide?"
I ask and you smile.
With my feet on the dash
The world doesn't matter.

When you feel embarrassed then i'll be your pride
When you need directions then i'll be the guide
For all time.”
Death Cab for Cutie
“Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole
Just like a faucet that leaks and there is comfort in the sound.”
Death Cab for Cutie
“That there are roads left in both of our shoes.”
Death Cab for Cutie
“Cause at night the sun in retreat,
Made the skyline look like crooked teeth,
In the mouth of a man who was devouring, us both.”
Death Cab for Cutie
“That everything ends,
That everything ends,”
Death Cab for Cutie
“Meet me at your best behavior,
Meet me at your worst,
For there will be no stone left unturned,
Or bubble left to burst.”
Death Cab for Cutie
“Idle war of head versus heart
It's always this way
My head is weak it always speaks
Before I know what it will say”
Death Cab for Cutie
“I don't know why, I don't know why
I return to the scenes of these crimes
Where the hedgerows slowly wind
Through the ghosts of Beverly Drive
I don't know why, I don't know why
I don't know what I expect to find”
Death Cab for Cutie

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