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“Closing your mind to religion is no different than the close-mindedness that
religions can cause.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“Maybe I’m drunk right now, even though I don’t remember drinking anything.
When I’m drunk, I say things without thinking. Drinking numbs you from your ability to
reason. It makes you forget your own character and become a crazy. Maybe I am a
crazy now; I’m going through so much chaos these days that reality is hard to grasp.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“That is the moral of this story, kids. No matter how many people try to stomp on your happiness, you have the power to do whatever you want with your life.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Faggiest Vampire
“When I say something like "back when I was in high
school," I usually mean: "back when I was supposed to be in high school.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“The world is still new . . . it seems old to us, but only seems because our lives are so short . . . our human race has been around for such a brief amount of time that the universe hasn't had the chance to detect us yet. One blink is all it needs to miss our dance through actuality.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“Nowhere and oblivion were completely different things/places to Richard Stein. For
him, oblivion is when something goes into nothing and nowhere is the place where
something can come out of nothing.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“The God of this planet was not worth the religion.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“ My thinking-of-kitties smile!”
Carlton Mellick III, The Menstruating Mall
“[he]. . . hated God . . . actually, he just hated Christians . . . He never met God. Why should he care about somebody he never met?”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“The Silence took your friend."
Nobody says What’s the Silence?
Satan Says, "It is a creature that came out of the walm. Large as a lake, this creature,
but it’s not made of water. It is made of sound. And it feeds off of sound, or anything
that makes sound, or anything that can hear sound. It will empty this entire world of
sound if we let it. It claims this side of town its territory. Anybody that’s out on the street
is at risk. It will eat anything that it hears and your friend must have been something it
heard. He will never come back. Nobody ever escapes from the stomach of Silence.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“I bet He’s only sad for the part of me that belonged to Him.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“For three weeks, we slept in the same bed together. We never had sex. We never kissed. We never took off more clothes than our pants. We just dreamed together.

The conversations were brief. We didn’t go on any dates. We didn’t get to know each other. It was just a sleeping arrangement. To her, I was just a stuffed animal with a heartbeat.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina
“Stacy just watches her body in amazement as the hand clutches onto her leg and pulls. Another hand emerges and grabs her other thigh, trying to pull itself out of there.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina
“But we were madly in love! I didn’t even consider leaving her because of her ghost vagina. She meant everything to me. I loved her this >< much! (That means infinitely).”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina
“Stephanie’s vaginal teeth scrape against him as she makes love to him. Kevin cringes as she presses her messy head wound against his cheek. He doesn’t enjoy the sex. It feels like he’s getting a really bad blowjob from a girl with big teeth and a small mouth.”
Carlton Mellick III, Apeshit
“I see her body as an arousing work of architecture. A sky-scraping building that I wouldn’t mind laying over a mountain to inject my whale-sized shank through its front entrance, knocking the doorman out of the way and flooding the lobby once I am finished with her.”
Carlton Mellick III, Satan Burger
“I lie on my belly and embrace the fleshy ground, to get closer to my love. My cheeks become wet with tears, or maybe it’s just sweat rising out of the skin below me. I drift into sleep, absorbing the sound of Stacy’s heartbeat vibrating through my entire body.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina
“We curl up in bed together, without a blanket. She wraps me in her arms like a teddy bear, the way she always does, and falls asleep against my forehead. My hand is squished against her belly, probably pressing into the clouds of the tiny world inside of her.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina
“There’s not a night time or day time in this world. It’s always in-between. Like dawn or dusk, without a sun in the sky.

I sit down. The ground is wet and fleshy. I rub my hand on it. It is warm.

It’s Stacy’s flesh. I must be at the bottom of their world, where the earth meets her body.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina
“I’ve taken to talking to the ground as if it is Stacy. I tell her how happy I am to still be with her, even though we can’t see each other. I’m sure she feels the same way, comforting her lonely nights by knowing that I am still inside her, thinking about her.

After my voice starts to get scratchy, I just speak to her in my head.”
Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina

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