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“You don't love people at their best, sweetheart. You just love them because you can't help it.”
Amy Lane, Keeping Promise Rock
tags: love
“How'd he taste?"

Like a five second rule Oreo..." he said thoughtfully

A five second rule Oreo?"

A little dirty, but still sweet...”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable
“I love you. I want to shout it sometimes. I know you worry about our letters and texts getting read--shades of WWII, haunting us still, I guess, and I'm well aware that nothing's safe on the internet. I worry too. You need to know that when I say it, when I ask you to say it, it's because my lungs feel full of dark water, and seeing it or writing it lets me breathe.”
Amy Lane, Keeping Promise Rock
“People hurt each other all the time just by being. What matters is that when you hurt someone, you do what you can to make it right.”
Amy Lane, Keeping Promise Rock
“Okay," Crick said, rolling his eyes. "I give. Which part of my body is more interesting than my ass?"
Deacon rewarded his obtuseness with a smack to the head. "Your heart, you fuckin' moron...”
Amy Lane, Keeping Promise Rock
“I'm still not a god," he said apologetically. Crick stood behind him and pulled his shoulders back against that wide, strong chest.
"Better than a god," Crick murmured. "You're the reason to have faith.”
Amy Lane, Keeping Promise Rock
“....and his head and shoulders were on the bed next to the boy who had captured his heart like cupped hands would capture a butterfly, and had never, ever clutched him too tight and never let him go.”
Amy Lane, The Locker Room
“You cannot take a person's humanity and then retain your own”
Amy Lane, Truth in the Dark
“God. No wonder it was so easy. He’s been bleeding since he was a baby. He just never told anyone. How do you even know it hurts after all that time?” Because you loved me, and I knew what it meant to feel.”
Amy Lane, Chase in Shadow
“...she often had a temper that made a PMS-ing harpy going into nicotine withdrawal look like a chubby fuzzy bunny that burped daisies and shot rainbows out its ass.”
Amy Lane, Bewitched by Bella's Brother
“Sometimes the small dreams were all a person needed to live.”
Amy Lane
“Sex was lovely. Sex was sublime. Sex was flesh and cock and suck and fuck and come. This night sex was starlight. Sex was oxygen. Sex was us, and we were beautiful, beautiful and perfect in each other's arms.”
Amy Lane, Truth in the Dark
“Excellent. We keep your furniture. Whose bed?”
“Why mine?”
“It’s bigger, for one.”
“And for another?”
“Mine doesn’t have the sort of headboard you can tie someone to. I’ve always sort of wanted to do that.”
“Bend over. Now. Take off your pants and bend over. I’ll be done in five minutes. No one will ever know.”
Amy Lane, Gambling Men: The Novel
“hope could betray you—but if you had no hope, life could actually
surprise you in the best of ways.”
Amy Lane, Keeping Promise Rock
tags: hope
“You’re here!” She repeated, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs
around his hips. He’d dropped his bags as she’d ran, and now he cupped her bottom in his large hands...His heart gave a giant thump, all the way down from his chest to his stomach,
and as she smiled up at him he lowered his head and devoured her mouth,
smile and all. Her lips were just as warm, and just as soft as he remembered, and her mouth tasted like peaches and cinnamon and Corinne Carol-Anne and without thought he pushed her back against the hallway wall and kissed her and kissed her and kissed her as though all their time apart would disappear in that frantic mating of tongue and lips and teeth. He wanted to take her into himself, all of her, and keep her warm and safe and happy, just like this moment when she
burst with joy, just to see him.
(Green and Cory, after being apart)”
Amy Lane
“Jeff Beachum, Sergeant of Snark, Wielder of Witticism, Dominator of the Double Entendre, completely ran out of things to say.”
Amy Lane, Living Promises
“I will love you forever,” I murmured, and he stroked the hair off of my forehead.
I will hold you to that.” His face was grim and his voice was sober—he
touched my handprint of chaos as he said it, and I knew in my bones that it was a solemn vow, and not a sweet or a kind offering of love at all. Green would make me live if he had to crack the foundations of the world.”
Amy Lane, Rampant
“Simple is good," he said. "I've lived through complicated. Complicated hurts. Simple sustains you. Complicated makes you hungry for simple.”
Amy Lane, The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters
“Every heartbeat screams your name”
Amy Lane
“I didn't have time to tell Bracken to care for her. I didn't have time to tell Arturo that I knew why he was hard on me, and it was okay. I didn't have time to tell Green that he was the sun and the moon and the stars. The Goddess gave me just enough time to feel her pain, to let her know I loved her. I had just long enough to say goodbye.”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable
“...if I was going to play this game and love it, it had to love me back.”
Amy Lane, The Locker Room
“How’re the cats?” he asked, smiling a little. He did miss Angel Marie. Hell, he missed them all.
“Feral,” Benny sniffed. “And horny. Every time one of us walks in, they all start humping our shoes.”
“They’re fixed,” Shane mumbled, but the conversation was oddly reassuring. It sounded normal, and like home.
“Tell that to the big fuzzy brown one….”
“Orlando Bloom?”
“Yeah, whatever. Last time I was there that damned animal violated my knitting.”
Shane lost a battle with a laugh and then whined because it hurt his ribs.
“Let’s just say that wool is no longer virgin,” she quipped dryly, and Shane’s chest shook.”
Amy Lane, Making Promises
“Anyone who says things like "Happy Ever After" as though that end to a love story is a given, is cooking up a right stinking cauldron of shite and trying to serve it as soup.”
Amy Lane
“That smile, right there?”
“I’ve known you my entire life. You only smile like that for me.”
Amy Lane, Dex in Blue
“The whole world heard you tell poor Angie Robinson that “Chris Edwards was your heart”—man, it’s one of the most fucking romantic things I’ve ever heard.”
Amy Lane, The Locker Room
“He just cleaned the bathroom.”
“I’ve been sending samples into the lab when I got bored. They are as of yet unidentified. It never occurred to me to clean the damned thing."
Whiskey sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I know, I know, I know—you don’t want to get blood all over it now that it’s clean.”
Amy Lane, Clear Water
“I looked at Adrian’s eyes, beautiful, mesmerizing. Not human. I didn’t feel
lonely at all. “You’ll take me places?” I asked. His answer was important, even
though my decision was already made.
“You can’t imagine where we’ll go.” He said, sincerely.”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable
“Shane! Shane! You must keep the boy from eating any more! You have no idea what will happen!” Collin was face to face with Martin’s father then, and they both heard Martin say, “You stay away from my eats, little man, or I will end you!” “You need to put that down, Martin, or you will never fit through another door!”
Amy Lane, Living Promises
“This time, he fumbled for Collin's hand in the elevator. He still felt like a thief, there was no denying it, but sometimes thieves stole things because they needed them to live.”
Amy Lane, Living Promises
“You’re my friend,” Chris whispered back, and his other hand came up so he could rub Xander’s lower lip with his thumb. “That makes you beautiful.”
Amy Lane, The Locker Room

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