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“A person can live a little bit broken...Most of us do, I guess.”
Rosanne Parry, Heart of a Shepherd
“If we had known it would eventually involve the KGB, the French National Police, and the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, we would have left that body in the river and called the Polizei like any normal German citizen; but we were Americans and addicted to solving other people’s problems, so naturally, we got involved.”
Rosanne Parry, Second Fiddle
“I'm going to imagine that converstion now. 'Hi, Mom, it's me. I ran away to Paris with a stranger I met under a bridge. He's really old, too, like twenty-five or something, and a soldier, so I helped him desert from his army, and, oh, did I mention he's a Communist'...”
Rosanne Parry, Second Fiddle

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Rosanne Parry
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