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“My muscles informed me they did not want to go through any more exercise today. So I suggest that maybe he should let me off this time. He laughed, and I'm pretty sure it was at me...not with me.
"Why is that funny?"
"Oh," he said, his smile dropping. "You were serious."
"Of course I was! Look, I've technically been awake for two days. Why do we have to start this training now? Let me go to bed." I whined. "It's just one hour."

"How do you feel right now?"
"I hurt like hell."
"You'll feel worse tomorrow."
"So, better get a jump on it while you still feel...not as bad."
"What kind of logic is that?" I retorted.”
Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy
“That," I told Tatiana, "is the most fucked-up law I have ever heard.”
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound
“He reached out and pulled me to him, one hand on my waist and the other behind my neck. He tipped my head up and lowered his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and melted as my whole body was consumed in that kiss. I was nothing. I was everything. Chills, ran over my skin, and fire burned inside me. His body pressed closer to mine, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. His lips were warmer and softer than anything I could have ever imagined, yet fierce and powerful at the same time. Mine responded hungrily, and I tightened my hold on him. His fingers slid down the back of my neck, tracing its shape, and every place they touched was electric.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily
“Adrian opened his mouth, undoubtedly ready with some inappropriate and mocking comment. Lissa gave him a sharp headshake that kept him quiet. "Aren't there any, I don't know, sleeveless options?"

The saleswoman's eyes widened. "No one has ever worn straps to a funeral. It wouldn't be right."

"What about shorts?" asked Adrian. "Are they okay if they're with a tie? Because that's what I was gonna go with."

The woman looked horrified.”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice
“Is he... is Dimitri a Strigoi?"
Mason hesitated only a moment, like he was afraid to answer me, and then—he nodded.
My heart shattered. My world shattered.”
Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss
“But I didn't know about the other story."
"What other story?”
"About how you and Adrian Ivashkov are—"
"No, whatever you heard it’s not true."
"But it was really romantic"
"Then it’s definitely not true.”
Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss
“I don't believe in soul mates, not exactly. I think it's ridiculous to think there's only one person out there for us. What if your 'soul mate' lives in Zimbabwe? What if he dies young? I also think 'two souls becoming one' is ridiculous. You need to hold on to yourself. But I do believe in souls being in sync, souls that mirror each other.”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice
“Adrian ordered a martini, earning disapproving looks from his father and me.
'It's barely noon,' said Nathan.
'I know,' said Adrian. 'I'm surprised I held out that long too.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily
“You’re killing me here, Sage!”
“I’m not doing anything.”
“Exactly my point.”
Richelle Mead, Bloodlines
“You aren't afraid of throwing yourself in the path of danger, but you're terrified of letting anyone in.”
Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss
“Don’t take the high ground and assume you already know what you’ll do. The truth is, when it comes to someone you love, you’ll find there isn’t anything you won’t do.”
Richelle Mead, The Fiery Heart
“All the while, my mind reeled with what had happened.
I have a hickey. I let Adrian Ivashkov give me a hickey.
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell
“Screw you," I told him in a low voice.
"Are you offering?”
"From what I've heard, there isn't much to screw," I shot back.”
Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy
“Little Dhampir”
Richelle Mead, Frostbite
“Really, Sage? A date?”
I sighed. “Yes, Adrian. A date.”
“A real date. Not, like, doing homework together,” he added.
“I mean like where you go out to a movie or something. And a
movie that’s not part of a school assignment. Or about something boring.”
“A real date.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily
“I'm sorry."

"Be sorry you lied," he said, pressing a kiss to my forehead. "Don't be sorry you loved him. That's part of you, part you have to let go, yeah, but still something that's made you who you are.”
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound
“You know what we need?"

"A new plan?" asked Lissa.

"A miracle?" asked Eddie.

I paused and glared at them both before responding. Since when had they become the comedians here? "No.
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound
“I’m not dangerous,” I breathed.

He brought his face toward mine. “You are to me.”

And somehow, against all reason, we were kissing.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell
“Rose only hangs out with guys and psychopaths," said Mia.

"Well," he said cheerfully, "since I'm both a psychopath and a guy, that would explain why we're such good friends.”
Richelle Mead, Frostbite
“You're my flame in the dark. We chase away the shadows around each other.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell
I hadn't known he was here. His eyes were on me too,dark and endless. Only I couldn't read what he was feeling. His face betrayed nothing, but there was something in his eyes...something intense and intimidating. The image of him ready to take down that group of guardians flashed through my mind,and something told me that if I asked,He would fight his way to me through this courtroom and do everything in his power to rescue me from it.”
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound
“You look too pretty to be useful."

"Truer words were never spoken.”
Richelle Mead, Bloodlines
“You forget: I have an addictive personality. I'm addicted to you. Somehow I think you could do all sorts of bad things to me, and I'd still come back to you. Just keep things honest, okay? Tell me what you're feeling. If you're feeling something for Dimitri that's confusing you, tell me. We'll work it out.”
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound
“Adrian gave me a look that said I was wasting his time. "Because Jet sounds badass.”
Richelle Mead, Bloodlines
“I'm like a fine wine. I get better with age. The best is yet to come.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise
“You said you were a victim. That's why...that's why ultimately, you and I aren't matched for each other. In spite of everything that's happened, I've never though of myself that way. Being a victim means you're powerless. That you won't take action. Always...always I've done something to fight for myself...for others. No matter what.”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice
“Nothing he said could change what I think of you. I've had my mind made up about you for a long time... and it's all good.”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily
“You're in an awfully good mood," he observed. "Was there a sale at Khakis-R-Us?”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily
“I opened my eyes and met his dark, earnest gaze. "It's okay," I said. "It's okay now. I'm here I'll always be here for you.”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice
“The training part," I guessed.

"Yup. You're going to be Dimitri's partner."

A moment of funny silence fell, probably not noticeable to anyone except Dimitri and me. Our eyes met.

"Guarding partner," Dimitri clarified unnecessarily, like maybe he too had been thinking of other kinds of partners.”
Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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