Goodreads Review Program

Goodreads Review Program

Goodreads offers the most comprehensive database of quality book reviews on the planet. Our 40 million members bring unparalleled passion to their reviews, offering diverse opinions and perspective that is invaluable.

Nothing sells a book like a thoughtful review written by a real person. Adding Goodreads reviews to your ecommerce site gives your customers more information, allowing for deeper interaction and a more profound connection with your brand. That creates a more satisfying customer experience – and more sales for you!

The Goodreads Review Program

  • Enhances your online catalog with fresh content by drawing from the millions of readers in the Goodreads community.
  • Integrates seamlessly with nearly every major ecommerce system; requires no back-end integration.

The Goodreads Review Program Features

  • Over 10 million reviews across 700,000 titles. With our community of avid readers, Goodreads can deliver quality reviews on a scale that no individual bookstore or service can match. By providing added content on nearly every book page, your site becomes more engaging, entertaining and informative, guaranteeing your customers will stay on each page longer.
  • A variety of viewpoints and opinions on every title. Goodreads reviews are honest and represent our diverse community. Not only will they give your site personality, they will promote trust between you and the consumer. Now more than ever it is vital to build trust with your customers, and honest reviews across the board promote trust; your customers will come to know your site is a reputable place to buy books.
  • Tag browsing. Enhance your book catalog by enabling customers to browse for books by tags.


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